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A Billion Of Your Personality Couldn’t Have Defeated Ajimobi In 2019 But Makinde’s Tactical Ingenuity, Voice Over Jingle Made You A Senator – Mutalubi Ojo Exposes Kola Balogun


Lest our people forget and I think I should re-jig their memory.

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Ten million Senator Kola Balogun and I want to even to take it higher, a billion of his personality can never defeat Senator Abiola Ajimobi in a free, fair credible and transparent election. And I am sure that GSM and all those who conspired to make that “victory” happened at that ill-fated poll and also after the poll must be regretting all they did now. That is the reason why I said that a house built with lickspittle shall ultimately be demolished by morning dew. And so it is with Senator Kola Balogun.

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Prior to the 2007 elections, Chief Theophillus Akinyele, an illustrious son of Ibadanland who was a seasoned technocrat and the biological father of Mrs. Aderonke Adedayo who served Senator Abiola Ajimobi first as Special Adviser on Legal Matters before she was redeployed to the Due Process Office as Special Adviser during the first term tenure of the Koseleri and Koleselemo Governor (2011 -2015), and who is now also serving in the GSM government as Special Adviser to GSM, the old man who also hailed from Asia in Ibadan like GSM (now of blessed memory) handed GSM to Senator Abiola Ajimobi( SAAA) for political mentoring and it is on record that GSM contested for Oyo South Senatorial ticket under the ANPP same platform SAAA used to contest for Governorship slot in 2007. It is also on record that both the GSM and SAAA were the real winners of the Senatorial and Gubernatorial elections that they contested for, but both of them were shamelessly rigged out by the President Olusegun Obasanjo’s do-or-die machinery of that time. That is a story for another day.

Fast forward to 2019 general elections, Senator Kola Balogun who had decamped to APC from PDP later also decamped to ADC before he finally ported back to PDP where GSM and the already battered PDP in Oyo State, out of the dearth of qualitative choices, were constrained to hand over Senator Kola Balogun the Senatorial ticket of PDP for that year on a platter gold because all and sundry were scared of obtaining any PDP ticket in 2019 because the party was nowhere on ground in Oyo State prior to the contrived and conspiratorial coalition. As at that time, the only rival party to the APC was the ADC but the coalition was its albatross and nemesis.

The ingenuity of some political strategists in GSM fold who came up with the idea of that great voice-over radio jingle done by GSM some days before the national assembly elections contributed greatly to the ” misfortune and alleged loss” of SAAA at the poll because that voice over was a masterstroke, hence Senator Balogun’s sudden, unmeritorious and undeserved emergence as the Senator for Oyo South.

Those who are surprised about Senator Kola Balogun’s dismal performance in the Senate must be political and historical neophytes because as Yoruba are fond of saying- “oogun ti a ko ba fi owo se, eyin aaro lo ma n gbe” meaning that anything of value got ala carte or pro bono can never be utilised well or appreciated by the free beneficiary. Also because igbin ihoho ni Senator Kola Balogun unlike Seantors (Dr.) Fatai Buahari and Teslim Folarin who toiled and actually worked for their deserved seats in the Senate hence their superlative and iconic performances in the red chambers.

Oyo South Senatorial people are actually the real lovers and not SAAA who had discharged himself creditably well when he was in the Senate between 2003 to 2007 and even rejected OBJ’s third term bribe which some others shamessly took. And I will forever appreciate Hon. Babatunde Oduyoye, the AD Whip in the House of Representatives between 2003 to 2007 too for also rejecting the OBJ’s blood money bribe. My epistle on Hon. Babatunde Oduyoye, the Baba meto of the universe, who unfortunately is being sidelined and underutilised by GSM for reasons best known to him at his (GSM) peril and doom is also a story for another day because that GSM won the 2019 Gubernatorial election in Oyo State was largely due to our Team Penkelemesi’s inability to retain the legendary Babs. Our loss of Babs was GSM’s gains of the Lister caucus including Mr. Taiwo Adisa and Dr. Festus Adedayo.

It therefore serves the Ibadans right for the lacklustre performance they got from Senator Kola Balogun. It is well-deserved. GSM is just being proactive and does not want Oyo South people’s misfortune to perhaps continue after the 2023 elections, hence his courageous and solomonic decision to do what I called good riddance to bad rubbish.

I laughed hysterically at Senator Kola Balogun’s lamentations and lullabies he started to sing when the feeding bottle ticket was taken off his mouth which are all to me the rantings of an ant.

Kudos to GSM and I commend him on that laudable and step which was indeed behaving like the courageous and lionic SAAA because SAAA would step on your bad and filthy toes without minding the consequences which was the main reason that a rejected and thrashed into the thrash bin Gubernatorial aspirant in APC in Oyo State in 2019 was crying wolves where there is actually none till today and weaving all sorts of his characteristic and habitual pathologic lies against the person of GSM till date and his lamentations would go on forever ad in infinitum because SAAA like GSM now had done the right and best thing I that circumstances and we have no regret whatsoever about it. In actual fact, if there is another opportunity to repeat same in heaven, we shall proudly and gladly do it again.


Was it not this same Senator Kola Balogun who sat tight in Otunba Bayo Alao Akala’s government when the Ibadan and Ibadanland were being rubbished and ignored, refused and failed to heed the admonition of our now reverred Kaabiyesi, Senator Mahood Lekan Balogun to resign from that government?

Was it not the same Senator Kola Balogun who phoned in on Mayor Isaac Brown Saturday programme on Fresh FM 105.9 last year to praise my friend and brother, Alhaji Mukaila Lamidi aka Auxiliary in 2021 and started to call Alhaji Olopoeniyan unprintable names and raining curses him on live radio in a manner that was grossly un-Senatorial?

My dear Egbon and highly respected politician, Alhaji Gandhi sent to me a document that contained some alleged projects and interventions of Senator Kola Balogun in the Senate. With profound respect to Alhaji Gandhi whom I hold in very high esteem, I am not deceived by the cooked up achievements because Senators Fatai Buhari and Tesleem Folarin did not show me any documents before I saw with my naked eyes the great jobs they are doing in the Senate. Ditto for Hon. Abass Adigun Agboworin’s excellent performance in the House of Representatives. Please note that I have nothing personal against Senator Kola Balogun but just differ with him on principles because he is my Senator and he has failed me and my people in the Senate. Hon Abass Agnoworin is a PDP representative for the Ibadan South-East/ Ibadan North-East constituency and I didn’t vote for him in 2019 but for God’s sake, I am very proud of his excellent performance and super delivery by him of democratic dividends to my people since 2019 till date. And that is another Gbosa for GSM for handing Hon. Agboworin the 2nd term ticket for the same seat. It is well deserved.

I live my life for my people and will go to any length to fight to enhance their welfare and improve their lots, same way I would fight anybody as I am doing with Senator Kola Balogun now who attempted and or tried to shortchange or even cheat them. I challenge Senator Kola Balogun to a live radio or television debate on his below average steward in the Senate. Let me ask- Did Senators Peter Adeyemo Abiola Ajimobi, my reverred Senior dutiful and ever diligent Egbon, Femi Lanlehin and Soji Akanbi print any booklet to showcase their achievements while in the Senate? Not at all, yet their constituency projects are still all over the Oyo South Senatorial District till date and still being used and enjoyed by our people.

I stand before Man and God to assure all and sundry that come 2023, we shall see unprecedented and very qualitative representation that the suave, urbane, cerbral, god-fearing and humility personified Mr. Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe would offer our people and deliver in the Senate from 2023 to 2027 by the very special grace of God.

Thank you GSM for giving us JT.

I stand with GSM on the JT Oyo South Senatorial District ticket. A mo loore o Mr. Governor( Mister Seyi in my Oga Aketi’s voice)

Dated this 4th day of May , 2023 at Ita-Ege, Idi -Aro, Ibadan, by:

Mutalubi Ojo Adebayo Esq.,
Asiwaju of Ita-Ege and Idi-Aro,
Ward 5,
Ibadan South-East Local Government Area of Oyo State of Nigeria.
+234 803 32 75495
+234 818 15 85848


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