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Abdication of Duty: Adeolu Akande Under Fire By PDP Group Over Makinde’s Absence From Office

A group within the Lagos State Chapter of Peoples Democratic Party PDP, Transform PDP Team, has carpeted the Chairman of the National Communications Commission (NCC), Prof. Adeolu Akande for his advice that Governor Makinde should return home and take charge of the Olubadan matter.

The group through its secretary, Boluwatife Bamidele, in a statement on Saturday, reminded Prof. Akande when President Muhammadu Buhari left the shores of the country for United Kingdom on a medial trip for more than 100 days, noting that: “the issue of abdication of duty wasn’t the issue when the Minister of Information, Mr Lai Muhammed said the president can rule from any where.”

The statement read further: “With the way Prof Akande always rush to the press, it shows he is a desperate soul. It is shameful for a Professor not to know when to use appropriate phrase “abdication of duty”. Situation where he called People’s governor to surrender, renounce or relinquish his power.”

“Residents of the state have also described the Prof Akande as town crier who chose not to make use of the rods and cones within the organ of vision when President Buhari left the country for United Kingdom for more than 100 days. The issue of abdication of duty wasn’t the issue when the Minister of Information, Mr Lai Muhammed said the president can rule from any where.”

Prof Adeolu Akande has been described as unstable and capricious being. Oftentimes it’s the smallest, seemingly inconsequential acts that make the biggest differences in someone’s life. It will interest the public to know that Prof Adeolu Akande who turned himself to the mouth piece of saxophone with the increase of the decibel coming out from him.”

“It is evident that the professor of Political Science from Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State utterances and pitiful way of communication has made the residents of the state to doubt his professorship. It is expected that a person of sound mind would rather commend hard working governor who Pensioners of the state described as the best and workers of the state described him as Chief servant of the state.”

“With the manner at which Prof Adeolu is acting as unguarded being, it is crystal clear that late Governor Ajimobi had a better reason for relieving Akande of his duty as Chief of Staff in 2013. If he has acted very well in line of his duty, he would have served in that capacity at least to the end of Ajimobi’s first term in office.”

“Adeolu noted that Governor Makinde has not procured vehicles for various security outfits across the state. He failed to make his inquiry if the security outfits complained of motivation. He has forgotten that Governor Makinde adminstration has provided operational vehicles, walkie talkies, steel helmets, bulletproof jackets, combat boots and other security equipment.”

“Governor Makinde has enhanced community participation in crime prevention under the neighbourhood watch programme; he ensured adequate mechanisms exist for ensuring safety of citizens and property; CCTV cameras were provided in strategic locations in the state which are linked to the Security Control Room; 615 toll-free number operationalised during the first year in office is connected to the State Security Control Room for immediate response to any security threat.”

“This free toll has a wider coverage from the State Security Control Room. Messages are relayed to the Police Control Room for quick response to distress calls. The residents of the state are aware of security post that was established at the border between Oyo and Ogun States along Ijebu-Ibadan and well equipped with beds for security personnel at the security post;CCTV cameras’water tank;detachable Toilet, solar energy and VSAT”

“The prof should also tell us the safest state in south west if not Oyo state judging by statistics from the Nigeria Police. Those that live in glass house must not throw stones. His party has practically created an bad precedent in the country as All Promises Cancelled (APC), while Gov makinde, the trailblazer keeps towering like the cedar of Lebanon.”

“The last two birthday events of Governor Seyi Makinde were held at the zone of Prof Adeolu, this is commendable as the governor chose to leave his comfort home and join his people at Oke Ogun zone to celebrate his birthday.”

“It is on this note that youths in Oyo should question Prof Adeolu that as the Chairman of NCC, his contribution to the society doesn’t go beyond ICT centre which ordinary citizen can provide for the community. Engr. Seyi Makinde, the executive governor of Oyo State has been able to touch all areas of governance within the period of 30 months.”

“Prof Akande should know that when you hit the rock bottom of life, ponder! His party has hit the rock bottom in this nation and citizens are not ready to hear from them any longer.”

“Character contributes to beauty of life, a mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude, and integrity can do a great deal to make the nation better. The wise will say don’t be quick to leave the class of discipline; you shall only live to remember the last lesson,” the group concluded.

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