Al-qalam Students Count Gains At The First Ever Head Girl Conference


Yesterday, on March 20, 2024, learners from Al-Qalam Schools in Ibadan showcased their commitment to leadership and service as they participated in the inaugural Ibadan Head Girl Conference.

Organized by the FAME Foundation, the event took place at the American Corner Ibadan, situated on Magazine Road, with a mission to foster mentorship between inspiring women leaders and aspiring teenage leaders in secondary schools.

Salaudeen Nihmotallah, serving as Head Girl, and Ikumapayi Toheeroh, as Assistant Head Girl, represented Al-Qalam with enthusiasm and dedication. Both students actively engaged in the event and emerged enriched from the experience.

Reflecting on the conference, Nihmotallah Salaudeen described it as a rare eye-opener, featuring inspiring talks, breakout sessions, and discussions on various leadership issues.

Toheerah Ikumapayi expressed gratitude to the leadership of the FAME Foundation for the unexpected invitation, which provided an opportunity to learn from prominent personalities such as Tolu Adeniyi, Professor Yemisi Bamgbose, and Barrister Funmi Robert, who shared insights on leadership greatness.

Mrs. Balikis Kolawole, who led the Al-Qalam team to the conference, emphasized the significant impact of the event on her team and other participants.

She highlighted the invaluable leadership knowledge and skills gained, which will undoubtedly contribute to their growth as better leaders and inspire them to seize higher leadership opportunities.

The management of Al-Qalam Schools commended the FAME Lead Project for its remarkable impact, directly influencing 2,074 aspiring leaders over five years and indirectly reaching 16,680 aspiring leaders from 41 schools.

They emphasized the importance of leadership education in nation-building and reiterated their commitment to nurturing children who will positively influence the world.

In conclusion, they stressed the significance of providing adequate leadership orientation to teenagers early on, believing it to be advantageous not only for Nigeria but also for the global community.


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