ALAAFIN: Stop Accusing Gov. Makinde, Stool Contender, Prince Yemi Adediran Tells Kingmakers


“aitete mole, ole un mu oloko.” When judgment is delayed, there is always a

tendency for a denial of justice as the accused might eventually be the beneficiary.

There’s nothing that lasts forever is a perfect word to use to qualify the roles of
traditional rulers. Whatever situation or position one finds him/herself in life is
temporary because everything comes and goes, Even the life we are leaving in is
borrowed. So, leave every day of your life as if it is your last day.

The Fraud and Manipulation witnessed in Nigerian traditional institutions are
worse That’s why the institution has been watered down.

The diviner (oracle), which is known for guidance, now needs a guidian . The
deities too have been induced with foreign wines to the detriment of our locally
preferred gin of sacrifice.

Little wonder the sacrifices are no longer getting to the “ irun mòle” without
exchange of money.

The initiates are now compromising by giving what belongs to god of iron to god
of ocean.

Selection of the new alaafin is a mockery and a shameless display of dancing
naked in the market square. It is a complete erosion of the high held culture and traditions of the Yorubas.

The Oyomesi (kingmakers) who have constituted themselves as stumbling blocks instead of progressive groups are to blame for their inability to push a common
front. They’re as divided as a loose broom, and yet are quick to accuse Gov. Makinde over delays in appointing the new alaafin of oyo.

The governor of oyo State, Eng Oluseyi Makinde, is not an idiot. Rather, he’s very
wise and intelligent. And as a good leader, he has always stood by the truth and can
never be fooled.


An anonymous publication was released via punch newspaper dated 6th of June
2023 with a misleading, mischievous and myopic headline titled :

According to the publication, where two of the kingmakers were interviewed, and
they revealed that they had submitted a name to the government since late last

Meanwhile these name was fraudulently and secretly submitted without the
consent and approval of the entire Oyomesi in council. The Oyo state
government knows better than be rushed into taking decisions not in line with
the generality of Oyo people.

No one builds a house with saliva and expects the house not to collapse by erosion.

The two kingmakers who were so interviewed, don’t have a single truth in their mouths. They ought to be aware that the stool is not a property to be purchased by the highest bidder That it is sacrilege to buy the throne at all talkless with perceived ill-gotten wealth.

The process was fraudulent and biased right from day one. They can’t expect a
highly informed, educated and exposed personality like Governor Makinde to be
part of such ridiculous acts.

(He) Gov Makinde has warned the kingmakers countless times to go and follow the laid down procedures, and they failed to do so simply because they want to
auction the throne of Alaafin.

The fact that Governor makinde doesn’t want problems doesn’t make him a weak
leader. He’s credibly intelligent with a strong bite beyond village mentality
Oyomesi should therefore stop looking for unnecessary relevance. They have been
rendered incapable of unlawful behaviour by the new law ammendments.


The lesson here is for the Oyomesi to be on the part of truth and History and not
defile the confidence their traditional position bestowed on them.
When people trust you with the office of authority, manage it well.


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