(Alaafinate) : We’ll Not Allow Bishop Ladigbolu To Waste Our Ticket— Prince Olanrewaju Obalolu Ladigbolu


There’s time for everything in life, is an african parable of telling someone to have a common sense to do things in a proper way.

The exit of the Late Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, ‘The Iku Babayeye’ has caused both cold and verbal war between the rulling house of Agunloye. Without Painting a blurry picture of what’s not, There’s a cold war which has been brewing within this rulling house for months now. I Prince Olanrewaju Oladigbolu will not allow two things to happen. Over my dead body and I don’t mind been killed by anyone, either physically or spiritually. I will fight the battle with the last drop of blood in my body.

Firstly, if Oracle Declares any of the Gbadegesins the new Alaafin , Such Reign won’t usher in the peace to our kingdom.

Reasons: Agunloye rulling house has branches and Hirachy. The three Alaafins produced by Agunloye were late oba Muhammad lawal Agogoija, Oba Abubakar Siyanbola Oladigbolu, and Oba Muhammad Bello Gbadegesin.

Late Oba Gbadegesin is Oba Lamidi Adeyemi’s PREDECESSOR .

Now that is the Agunloye’s turn to produced the next Monarch, Any Plan to install the Gbadegesins as the New Alaafin will be detrimental and a big blow on the faces of the Ladigbolu’s. Only when there’s no capable candidates from Ladigbolu family, can the idea of considering the Gbadegesinsn be birthed, Our princes from Ladigbolu family are more than capable.

No Gbadegesin’s should waste his time, 50 years without alaafin will be more peaceful than declaration of any Gbadegesin. Bashorun of oyo should take my words to any Bank. What bashorun has planned with his well known fumbling and empty barrel candidate and Oloja is not cleared to anyone. We, the two rulling houses did not send bashorun Olayinka, late Chief Imam, and chief Jibola Afonja (IDS) to Asipa for any negotiation. That’s a complete sellout, No negotiation until new alaafin is installed.


secondly, Bishop Ladigbolu can never be allowed to rule, He is 85 years hold successful Man in every areas of life. Age is not by his side. He should not waste our valuable ticket. He should allow a younger person that will lift other members of Ladigbolu who has never in their life achieved anything. He Bishop has enjoyed life to the fullest. All his children are fantastically doing good round the glob. He enjoyed the tenure of late oba Adeyemi from day one to the last day. He should pity other members. (Eni kan kiije, ki ile o fe) good things are not meant for one person alone.

For self respect, I have no child among those contesting, all the Oladigbolu’s on the list are my sons. I’m 65 years old and capable, but didn’t come out to contest. I want good things for the younger generations.

But if He insist , we will resist. If eventually win us. He should know for sure he will rent family members throughout his tenure
because no wickedness is more than that. Don’t waste out ticket, the immediate rulling house spent 53 years on throne, installing making Bishop as Alaafin is a pure wickedness, and a master plan to return power to Alowolodu. To us it’s a time when the best represent us as a ruling family to the throne of Alaafin.


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