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Breaking: Amputee Hawker, Mary Handed Over To Police After Discovering She Told False Story To Curry Favour (PHOTOS)


•…her secret was open after she failed to settle her cohorts

The Lagos State Government has handed over 26-year-old amputee hawker, Mary Daniels for telling false stories about herself to curry favours from members of the public.

The amputee who said she was homeless and single mother and who came to limelight after her pictures surfaced online, was handed over to the Nigerian Police and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) and other agencies after discovering her true identity in the state.

Daniel was handed over to the traditional leader and other agencies with about N25 million in her private account when the government discovered that the stories earlier narrated by the amputee were conflicting coupled with strange calls coming from people suspected to be those that she worked for before her discovery.

Mary in red clothe when handed to police

The actions of the state government became necessary after investigations revealed that the amputee was not telling a true story about herself and the life she had been living before helps from the public and government intervention came to her ways.

It was learnt that some of the people the sachet water hawker had a deal with have been calling to demand their own share of the donations Daniels had received from the public or else they would expose her.

A source in the Lagos State Government who spoke under anonymity condition to The Guild disclosed that Daniel claims that she was an orphan and that the parents died during an accident were not true and that her situations in Oshodi were allegedly staged.

The source narrated that during interrogations, it was discovered that the amputee’s father was still alive contrary to Daniel’s initial claim that she lost both parents during an accident several years back.

Also after several hours of investigation into her story, the official added that it was discovered that the sachet water hawker’s mother truly died but was not through an auto crash as earlier narrated by Daniel after arriving Oshodi where she was discovered last month.

She hinted that Punch reporters and other media organisations that had reported Daniel story felt betrayed and that were not motivated to further pick any development concerning the amputee.