Cocoa House Elevator Mishap, What Really Happened?(Real Story)


Cocoa House today the 6th of January 2021 witness a hurrible incident which claim the life of one engineer and two others injured.

An on the scene report by OYOMIND narrated the story in a different way as against the earlier Circulated report which says commuters where traped and killed by the Cocoa House Elevator, in it’s report it state that,

An occupant of the Cocoa House Building in Ibadan has explained how the ugly incident of the crashed elevator happened on Wednesday, 6th January 2021.

In a mini chat with the occupant who pleaded to remain anonymous, he explained that it was only two engineers, not normal elevator users as against to viral stories, that were inside the elevator during the crash.

According to him, one of the elevators has not been in use for a while, having been abandoned by the management.

“I was in my office this afternoon when I heard a sudden noise, everyone was scared. We later got to know that it was the abandoned lift in which they are trying to resurrect.

“The engineers in which they are repairing it are inside the lift and suddenly the box that elevates people was hooked in the process and later fell.

“Unluckily, we have two engineers in the elevator box of which one of them died immediately and the second one was rush to the hospital for proper care,” he said.

Cocoa House has 23 main floors, first 20 are major commercials, 21, 22 are for odua management services while 23rd is a museum known as home of fame.

Credit Source OYOMIND


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