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Confusion Over Alleged Attack On Igboho’s House As Aides, Neighbours Gives Conflicting Information


After the alleged attack of gunmen at Sunday Igboho’s house, the neighbors have revealed a contrary statement that had raised confusion. This is due to the inability of the Sunday Igboho’s aide, Yomi Koiki to really reveal what happened during the attack.

According to newsmen, Olayomi Koiki, who is one of the media aides to Igboho, had said that the attack was from the Nigerian Security Operatives such as Army, Navy, etc while another person said that the gunmen are unknown as he said there was indeed an attack but they were resisted.


Koiki Media claimed that the attack was from Nigerian Soldiers to subdue them from continuing their agitation for freedom but on the contrary the neighbors around Igboho’s resident told SaharaReporters that there was no attack on the area as they said it was Koiki’s noise that woke them up. He continued as he said they stayed awake but could not see anything at all.

With these reports from the neighbors, some Nigerians see there should be a mix-up somewhere while some believe Koiki Media must have framed this up to get at Nigerian security.

Source: SaharaReporters