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CONGRESS: I Belong To Everybody, And Belong To Nobody, Imposition List Handwork Of Shenanigans Politicians—AGBA-EGBE


The special assistant on media and publicity to the executive chairman of ibadan north local government, Mr Bodija Akinwale, has called on the general public, particularly members of the PDP ibadan north local government, to debunk the rumor making the round that the chairman of ibadan north local government, Hon. Yusuff Sahib Oladayo, was involved in a purported imposition lists for the party executives ahead of the local government Congress and has called on party faithfuls not to listen to such rumour as it can only be from distractors and enemies of the party against a fruitful local government Congress.

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l, also describes the rumor as baseless, unproductive and malicious propaganda from the pit of hell.

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He called on the public to disregard the propaganda being peddled by the said group stating that the faithful members of the ibadan north PDP entrusted him with thier vote and will never partake nor do anything that will go against the wish of the people in his constituency.

Agba Egbe added that nobody is bigger or above the party constitution, so therefore he will ensure that due process is followed and the majority has the say.

The chairman ibadan north local government also appealed to the PDP members not to be deceived by any group whatsoever, on the account of imposition, urging them to turn out massively for the Congress slated for 5th of October 2021 and always throw their weight behind the PDP for maximum benefits at all times.


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