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Disclaimer: Trending Photo Not That Of Eruobodo’s Bedroom — Son

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Kunle Musediq, the eldest surviving son of late Busari Adelakun Eruobodo, has said that a trending photo of a dilapidated bedroom is not that of his late Dad.

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According to a report by OYOINSIGHT, the young Adelakun, who is the Jagunmolu Agbekoya of Yorubaland, said that the photo, a soiled bedroom, was that of a Japanese most luxurious hotel after it was abandoned.

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DISCLAIMER: Busari Adelakun Eru Obodo’s bedroom

We are miffed by the recent photo circulating on the internet and been referred to as image of our late Dad, Alhaji Busari Adelakun Eruobodo’s Ejioku countryhome.

We make bold to say that picture isn’t that of our late patriarch’s home.

Last year, we terminated agreement with a private school making use of the estate. This was after we have made efforts to get government to take over the estate as the tourist site.

If not for coronavirus pandemic, we have lined up events, last year, to mark the 35 years of his demise

If anyone can’t honour our late father, they should not photoshop anything to discredit the image of our late Dad.

If they don’t desist from this action, we may be forced to take action against anyone found culpable.

What was posted out for social media consumption never represented the bedroom of our father. Seeing the picture alone shows that It lacks logical reasoning. You don’t destroy people’s image or name and believing that you will go scot free. The author of this photo must come over to seek for forgiveness or else a permanent curse shall be placed on his family, children and generation. We would surely do the needful.

For your information: Chief Busari Oloyede Adelakun’s children have been so careful in all our dealings. We never stood up to destroy any family’s name or integrity because we are aware of the consequences.

We would appreciate anyone who could help us to track the blackmailer, with a financial reward.

We thank everyone who has shown concern or calling us. God almighty shall be with you all.

Prince Kunle Musediq Adelakun (Eruobodo)
Jagunmolu Agbeko
ya of Yorubaland.


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