Exclusive: Aseyin of Iseyin Initiates Sacred Seclusion Rites; High Priest Enforces Strict No Filming or Photography Policy


In a momentous ceremony, Prince Sefiu Olawale Oyebola, Adeyeri III, the recently appointed Aseyin of Iseyin, has embarked on a period of profound self-reflection and enlightenment before his official installation this Thursday. However, the High Priest of Iseyin, High Chief Ifasoji Adeyemi, has issued a strict ban on capturing the seclusion rites through filming or photography.

Respecting the rich customs and traditions of Iseyin, the High Priest emphasized the sacredness of the seclusion rites and declared that capturing them in any form is strictly prohibited. With all the necessary traditional rituals for appeasement and prayers being completed, the seclusion period will focus on providing the Aseyin with a deep understanding of his ancestral history and the heritage of each ancient household. This intensive period is expected to span seven days, encompassing various locations.

High Chief Adeyemi emphasized, “Tonight, we venture into the Igbo Oba to commence the rites, traveling from Aaba Itan groove to Aaba Odo Iseyin, and finally reaching Igbo Imokin for the continuation of the process over the next seven days.” He underscored the importance of respecting the sanctity of these sacred grooves by refraining from filming or taking photographs, as it would be considered sacrilegious.

As the Aseyin’s seclusion rites unfold, the community of Iseyin is urged to honor and observe this extraordinary occasion by refraining from any form of filming or photography. By preserving these cherished customs, the community can unite in safeguarding the deep-rooted traditions that have shaped their identity and history.

We kindly request your cooperation and reverence for this significant announcement as we celebrate and showcase the cultural heritage of Iseyin.


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