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EXCLUSIVE: How To Use Twitter In Nigeria Without VPN


Following the indefinite suspension of twitter operations in the country, AKÉDE Ọ̀YỌ́ has independently uncovered an alternative to access the micro blogging site, Twitter without using the Virtual Private Network otherwise known as VPN.

AKÉDE Ọ̀YỌ́ had reported earlier that Telecom operators in the country have deactivated all twitter user accounts on their networks, Consequently no twitter account of any Nigerian is working within the country.

Twitter though in a response to the development said; “The announcement made by the Nigerian Government that they have suspended Twitter’s operations in Nigeria is deeply concerning. “We’re investigating and will provide updates when we know more.”Twitter added in a statement. Amid the ensuing drama, the concern among Nigerians is whether or not they can still continue their usage of the platform with the federal government’s ban, The common known alternative is the use of Virtual Private Network otherwise known as VPN.

But the good news is that you can still access the micro-blogging site, Twitter without the use of the VPN.

AKÉDE Ọ̀YỌ́ brings your a new method on how you can bypass the federal government’s suspension of Twitter without the use of VPN. How It Works Download Puffin Browser From your phone’s Google Playstore. What is a Puffin Browser ? Puffin Web Browser Free is an Internet browser whose main strengths, compared to competing apps for Android, are speed and excellent support for flash, which comes with it.


Puffin scores 206.48–51 percent better than Firefox, and 52 percent better than Chrome. These tests show it to be the fastest web browser compared to other major web browsers, all because of the cloud

If you’re using Puffin Browser, you take internet security and speed seriously. The benefits that Puffin Browser claim in this regard, however, are also a liability. Using the browser, all your activity is processed on remote servers, with your data passing between these and your device. Puffin Browser claims all data is encrypted and the servers secure.

The main concern is related to user privacy since all your traffic goes through Puffin’s cloud service and it’s rendered there before being sent to your browser. While this sounds good in theory for security, it’s a serious privacy concern for some users. Puffin Browser is a browser that uses proxy server. Hence it allows you to visit some blocked websites in Nigeria without using any VPN.

Download Puffin Browser from play store, login your Twitter account and you are good to go. We hope you love the article and helpful, if you did, Kindly share this article with your friends and family on social media via the share buttons below. Sharing is caring.