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Financial Grant: Hon Stanley Adedeji Odidi-Omo Empower Youths, Widows And Vulnerable Groups In His Constituency

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The strength of the society is to see a large heart and kind-hearted man that is ready and eager to lift other human. The public opinion that holds science in esteem and approves financial support for the needy in our society has been the fulcrum of achievement of Honourable Stanley.

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The Honourable representing Ibadan South West/North West Federal Constituency Shred the labels and rise as a human being, a human being of compassion, a human being of kindness, a human being with real psychological freedom. He has been very helpful to his constituency. The Federal Honourable distributed financial grant to Youths, Widows and Vulnerable. Cash support to enhance the business of people were distributed. Hundreds of the beneficiaries were delighted as they received the cash support .

A gift that touches the heart ignites the soul with flames of passion, in the hearts of the helpless stand unbending as the flag of courage. Honourable Stanley Adedeji Odidi-Omo legendary actions has been as a source of help to humanity, the might to humanity, the light to humanity and standard for good governance.


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