Fostering Innovation and Independent Mind: Makinde’s Bright Spot for Youth Development in Oyo State


Oyo State, Nigeria – In a remarkable turn of events, Governor Seyi Makinde has revolutionized the political landscape of Oyo State by incorporating an unprecedented level of youth inclusiveness in his government. With an impressive 55% youth representation, this administration has shown an unwavering commitment to empowering young people and harnessing their potential.

One of the notable appointments that exemplify Governor Makinde’s faith in the capabilities of the youth is Miss Wasilat Adegoke, who has been appointed as the Oyo State Commissioner for Youth and Sports. This appointment serves as an inspiration for young individuals across the state, proving that age is not a barrier to success.

Furthermore, Governor Makinde has appointed Hon. Seun Ashamu as the Commissioner for Energy, recognizing the young leader’s expertise and dedication in driving sustainable and efficient energy solutions for the state. These appointment demonstrates the governor’s belief in the ability of young minds to contribute significantly to the development of Oyo State.

In addition, Hon. Salami Dikko has been appointed as the Chairman of Pace Setter Transport (PTS), a strategic move that highlights Governor Makinde’s commitment to transforming the state’s transportation sector. This appointment reflects the governor’s recognition of the innovative ideas and fresh perspectives that young individuals bring to the table.

Governor Makinde has also appointed Hon. Busoye Ogunlade as the Chairman of the Oyo State Road Maintenance Agency (OYSROMA). This appointment revealed the governor’s dedication in ensuring the maintenance and improvement of the state’s road infrastructure, with the belief that young leaders possess the drive and enthusiasm needed to bring about positive change.

Moreover, the youth representation extends to the state’s legislative arm, with an impressive 85% of youth serving as honorable members. This high percentage of youth candidates for the forthcoming Chairmanship elections further demonstrates the governor’s trust in the younger generation to lead and govern effectively.

Recently, Oyo State Speaker, Rt. Honourable Debo Ogundoyin emerged as Chairman of Conference of Speakers in Nigeria, a young mind that will be leading 36 speakers from all state of federation. Makinde has made it known that leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better, which also emphasis on his belief that leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Visions of young minds in Oyo State are now being turned into reality.

Governor Seyi Makinde’s belief in the potential of youth to drive economic progress is commendable. By providing opportunities for young individuals to showcase their capacity and capable hands, he is creating a platform for their growth and development. This inclusive approach not only empowers the youth but also ensures a more diverse and dynamic government.

Furthermore, Governor Makinde’s Sustainable Development Agenda, as outlined in his Omi-tuntun 2.0 administration, demonstrates his vision for a prosperous and sustainable future for Oyo State. With a focus on infrastructure development, job creation, and social empowerment, this agenda aligns with the aspirations and needs of the state’s youth population.

As Governor Seyi Makinde continues to champion the cause of youth inclusiveness, the hope is that he will create more avenues for young individuals to thrive and exhibit their capabilities. Through his transformative leadership, Oyo State is well on its way to becoming a model for youth empowerment and sustainable development.

Asiwaju YSO Oladunni, Is a Member of GSM Advocates


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