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Gambo Came To Fulfil Unfinished Assignment With ‘Beloved Interloping Faction’ Of Oyo APC—Akintola Berates Gambo Lawan



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That Gambo LAWAN is speaking at all is a reflection of how low our country has sunk with it’s morality. My people say if you’re called a thief and you say it’s unproven, what about the strange kid goat you’re harbouring?

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If indeed the reason for GAMBO’S presence in Oyo State was the harmonization meeting and not to fulfill his unfinished assignment with his “beloved interloping faction” of our Progressive party, he would have ventured out to see what was going on at the State party house where the majority of the party leadership held the harmonization Meeting.

At the so called Abuja Meeting where the National Secretary represented the Chairman.

11 members were expected to be at the harmonization meeting and they are Chief Akin Oke, Former governor Akala, the past 2 Progressive deputy governors, and the seven zonal leaders. That was the agreement in Abuja. All these people were locked out of Akala’s house earlier in the week when they visited to sort out modalities for the harmonization. Obviously this did not tally with the Akala group’s preconceived notion of including the uninvited.

This is a party matter. If Gambo Lawan has any business with Chief Akala let them sort it out, outside of official business of Oyo APC.

Chief Akala snubbed the team assembled openly at the Abuja meeting and therefore constituted his own team as against the party’s request.

If anybody is in doubt as to the veracity of my discussion with the leaders in Abuja yesterday, they can directly cross-check.

LAWAN and his paymasters should understand that we’re not “Mugus” in Oyo State and we’re monitoring all their subterranean moves.


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