I Will Never Support You, Tinubu And Makinde Are My Candidates—Akintola Denied Collapsing Structures For APC Guber Candidate Teslim Folarin


One of the leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo State, Chief Adeniyi Akintola has debunked the rumour doing round that he has collapsed his political structure for the standard-bearer of the APC in the state, Senator Teslim Folarin, noting his affirmation in endorsing governor Seyi Makinde for his second term bid. National Daily has learnt.

The legal luminary denied the rumor while reacting to a picture of him and the APC gubernatorial candidate, Teslim Folarin which went viral on the social media.

Akintola said that he can never support Teslim Folarin adding that he is focused on personality not political party as far as 2023 gubernatorial election is concern.

He further affirmed that he is not interested in politics but to support candidate that are ready to bring good governance to the common man.

The legal luminary added that he has collapsed his structure for governor Seyi makinde in order to support him for his second term bid.

The statement read
“I have not changed my mind, I had said it am no longer interested in politics, am not with Teslim Folarin,I can never be with Teslim Folarin, all I do now is not politics is personality.

“My Concern as far as 2023 election is concern are two fold, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Seyi makinde.

“I do personality, even within my local government who will brought candidate to me, they are bringing them again tomorrow or a day after, I told them am no longer interested in your politics, am interested with those who can add value to the lives of ordinary man on the street.

“I was on Air peace yesterday from Abuja to Ibadan and ran unto the state chairman of APC, Isaac Omodewu, he greeted me, we exchange words, he started calling their gubernatorial candidate, Teslim Folarin and apparently that one didn’t pick the call and he was asking for my movement and I said I will be in town for some days.

“So I left straight to my office because I have something to do in office, I was in the office when my friend who apparently is a member of Teslim Folarin support group, Teslim Ajimobi wanted to know where I was and I said I was in the office.

“As long as Teslim Ajimobi got to me, he explained many things to me and started calling Teslim Folarin telling him that I was  right in the office and he was right before me that he should start coming.

“So when I finished what I was doing, I needed to put some papers together and my international passport because I want to travel.

“And now told him am going home and said we should wait for Teslim Folarin and reply him that I was not waiting that I was going home, he said he will follow me, we got here.

“As I was going inside, I heard they are opening gate for someone, it was Teslim Folarin and with one Alhaji Laide who came, they started begging me, I said look we are not quarrelling but am no longer interested in politics of Oyo state, all I do now is personality and what concern me in this election is Asiwaju Bola Tinubu but for the rest of you am sorry am no longer interested.

“ I branded vehicle for Asiwaju, I said yes I do and I gave instruction and

hat on no account should those vehicles be used for any of you, if I see any candidate boarding that vehicle all other than Asiwaju, I will withdraw the vehicle”  Akintola concluded.


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