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Ib’ North Junior Secondary School Quiz Competition: Agba-Egbe Presents Educational Materials To Students, Donates Cash Sum To Teachers


…Olads Nigeria In Collaboration With Ibadan North Local Government

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Ikolaba high school has emerged the winner of the Maidan edition of the Olads Nigeria Inter-junior secondary School Quiz Competition.

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The competition, which was held at the ibadan north Local Government Secretariat hall, on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, was organized by Olads Nigeria together with Ibadan north local government for Junior secondary Schools across the Council area.

Fifteen schools across the local government participated in this year’s edition and competed in General Studies, English Language and Mathematics.

At the end of the event, which was well-attended by eminent individuals, the executive chairman of Ibadan North Local Government, Hon Yusuff Sahib Oladayo, his deputy, hon. Waheed Biiro, Senior Civil Service, heads of local government administration to mention a few.

The winner of the quiz competition, Aderigbibe Nathaniel of ikolaba GRA school 1, garnered 59 points in the three subjects to emerge as winner and carted home school bags, textbooks and prize money.

Having Islamic day secondary school as the runner-up with 45 points, ikolaba High school as the 2nd runner-up with 38 points and Methodist secondary school 2 with 27 points respectively

According to the executive chairman of ibadan north local government while delivering his speech said there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, than creating an effective teaching and learning environment. It is in realization of this fact that we have embarked on numerous Educational programs for our students, which has brought to reality this quiz competition with Olads nigeria.

“To let the kids know that no matter where they are, it is possible for them to excel in academics and also latter in life. I want to specially congratulate the winners of this wonderful competition, it should be of note that every school that has participated, are winners irrespective of the outcome of the judges.

Competitions like this are for learning, and I’m sure we all had got one thing or the other to learn, which I’m very certain we all did. Hon. Yusuff concluded.

At the end of the quiz competition the executive chairman of ibadan north local government, directed also that a cash sum be given to each teacher who represented the schools across the local government.


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