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Ido/Ibarapa East Federal Constituency: Engr Femi Adegoroye Calls For Free And Fair Primaries, Rejects Consensus •Says Leaders Should Adhere To Party Guidelines/Constitution


One of the leading aspirants under the platform of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Engr Femi Adegoroye has kicked against the imposition of the incumbent Hon. Yemi Taiwo adding that imposition of any candidate on the people is not enshrine on the constitution of the party but rather a free and fair party primaries that will lead to the emergence of a popular candidate duly elected by the majority of the party members.

Engr Adegoroye dispel the news publication that leaders in Ido/Ibarapa Federal Constituency have conceded the position of the federal representative ticket to the incumbent Hon. Yemi taiwo who is from Ibarapa, He said the News is fake in it’s entirety, no leader accent to imposition on both the position of federal representative in which I’m a leading aspirant, and that of the State Assembly will stand the test of time.

“How can leaders decide the faith of aspirants without their consent?” Consensus is done with all the aspirants present and agreeing to either step down of a candidate or they both decide to go for the Primaries and let the party members Decide their fate.

He added that party leaders should not make self decision as to what should happen to the aspiration of any aspirants, this is a contest that individuals have made consultations far and wide before picking up party interest and nomination form.

Engr Femi Adegoroye berate the stands of the leaders for not adhering to INEC and Party Constitution/Guidelines strictly.

In a Statement he made available to Akéde Ọ̀yọ́ the trained Engineer stated in clear terms that if the leaders fail to revert their money induced decision, they will be faced with the consequence of litigation, noting that he will follow the rule of law.


Statement reads…

I Engr. Femi Adegoroye never conceded to anyone not even Hon. Yemi Taiwo, am still very much in the House of Representatives race. This is a fake news that need to be dislodged. IDO local government leaders cannot decide the fate of any aspirant without their consent.

It is illegal, It is not democratic, this is barbaric, Concensus means that all parties involved unanimously agreed. I have never met with any aspirant nor leaders to discuss this.

I am Engr. Femi Adegoroye,
I am an aspirant on the house of Representatives on the platform of our Great party PDP for IDO/IBARAPA East Constituency.
I have the following to state:

  1. That I have never conceed to anyone NOT even the said Hon Yemi Taiwo.
  2. That I’ve filled and submitted my nomination form and hence waiting for the party primaries.
  3. That the party constitution is very clear on primaries
  4. That anything shortfall of the normal will be faced with consequence litigation
  5. Rule of law must be obeyed

I have submitted my filled Nomination and Express of Interest form and I am ready for primaries according to the party and INEC Constitution. No Concensus, No conceding for IDO/IBARAPA House of Representatives ticket.

According to the INEC and The People’s Democratic Party rule imposition is illegal regardless of status or position of anyone in the party. I am also ready to challenge this in court if INEC and party guidelines/constitution were been violated or not observed to the letter. My legal team are on standby. Rule of law must upheld.