In Ibadan: Wife Denies Husband’s Plea for Divorce, Despite Marrying Two Other Men •Accused of Constant Fighting and Violence


A man, Godwin, has appeared before Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, seeking that it dissolve the 18-year-old relationship between him and his wife, Anna, on the accounts of constant fight and violence.

Godwin told the court that he lost control of their home because of Anna’s unruly behaviour.

The plaintiff explained that the defendant never ceased to fight and rain curses on him, which led to the collapse of his once-lucrative business.


According to him, he stopped eating in the home for three years, but this meant nothing to his wife.

Godwin said he would have been a dead man by now because Anna always fought him with dangerous objects.

He mentioned that he once attempted to stab him with a knife.


The plaintiff added that the defendant walked out of their marriage and got married to two other men.


Godwin further said that Anna, despite being married twice after deserting him, still sought from him privileges she was no longer entitled to.

The plaintiff thus prayed the court to rule that they were no longer husband and wife.

He also pleaded for the custody of their only child, whom he stated he wanted to give adequate attention.

Godwin also begged the court to restrain Anna from harassing and threatening him.


Anna denied all the allegations brought against her by her husband and also refused that an end be brought to their union.

The plaintiff stated in his evidence that, “I never knew that I was signing off my joy 18 years ago, when my wife and started living together.

“Anna, through her unruly behaviour, denied me the blissful marriage I had always dreamt of.

“My wife is stubborn and never seemed to agree with me on any issue.

“She loved to have her way and was always ready to fight me any time I insisted my desire must be carried out as the head of the home.

“Our home was always too hot for comfort because of our constant fight.

“She sometimes fought me with dangerous objects which made me to be scared of her.

“She took advantage of this and started dictating the tune in the home.

“I gradually lost control as the head of the home.

“Anna was not only hostile to me; she was also unfriendly towards people outside our home.

She fought in the public too which I found embarrassing.

“My wife has a caustic tongue and was always abusing and raining curses on me.

“Her curses led to the collapse of my once lucrative business. She almost wrecked my life and turned me into a pauper.

“I stopped eating her food for three years and she felt comfortable with.

“She never showed any remorse nor displayed concern since I was buying food for the home on regular basis, despite not eating from it.

“I once got fed with the cat and dog lifestyle we were living and left home.

“I was away for some weeks. She started calling me on the phone, begging me to please return home.

“I thought she was remorseful and I went back to her.

“I was expecting my wife to be all over me, but Anna to my chagrin rained curses on me as I stepped into our apartment and drew a knife at me.

“She would have stabbed me if I did not pick to my heels.

“She moved out of my house after this and got married to two other men.

“Anna despite her two other marriages still come to my house to disturb me and demand for privileges she is no longer entitled to.

“I pray this honourble court to rule that we are no longer husband and wife.

“I also plead for the custody of our only child so that I can give him proper attention.

“I further request for an order restraining her from harassing and threatening me.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo after she had heard the plaintiff adjourned the case.


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