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In Oyo State, about 38% of Children Are Malnourished — Report


The Oyo State Project Coordinator for Accelerating Nutrition in the Country, Dr. Kahijat Alarape, has in Ibadan, on Tuesday, said that about Thirty-eight per cent of Children in the State are suffering from malnutrition and undernourished.

Alarape, who spoke at an ongoing 5-day capacity building training for various individuals across various field of endeavors on improving the nutrition level of the people of the country disclosed that the percent is above the World Health Organizations’ standard percent which is 20 percent.

While commenting, the Coordinator of Oyo State Civil Society- Scaling up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN),coalition of non-governmental organisations, Mr Olusegun Adio, appealed to the state government to implement the Strategic Plan of Action for Nutrition to lessen malnutrition in the state.

“The Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey in 2018 revealed that Oyo State has the highest rate of stunting among children under-the age of five years in southwest Nigeria.

“The issue of nutrition should not be taken with levity as it plays a pivotal role in national development.

“The future of a nation will be determined by the nutrition orientation and awareness of mothers.


“The Strategic Plan of Action for Nutrition will help to improve the nutritional status of children in the state,’’ he said.

“Malnutrition and stunting in early life can have adverse consequences on the child in later years.

“Stunting can lead to cognitive impairment and also affects the child’s learning capacity and productivity in later life,’’ he stressed.

Another contributor, Mr Ambrose Evhoesor, Project Coordinator of CS-SUNN said that Oyo State was selected as one of the focal states for the capacity training due to the high malnutrition statistics in the state.

“This training hopes to build the capacity of civil society organisations, the media and other NGOs to reduce malnutrition rates through public awareness and sensitisation.