Intrigues Abound as Olubadan-in-Council Contemplates Olakulehin’s Succession Amid Ladoja’s Influence


Amidst a backdrop of political maneuvering and strategic deliberations, the fate of the next Olubadan of Ibadan, Oba Owolabi Olakulehin, hangs in the balance as the Olubadan-in-Council convenes to determine his suitability for the revered throne.

The recent sighting of Oba Olakulehin has reignited discussions within the council, prompting members to convene this week for crucial deliberations on his potential enthronement. Speculations abound as to whether the council will nominate him as the successor to the late Oba Lekan Balogun, pending an assessment of his health condition.

Scheduled to meet at the Olubadan Palace at Mapo or Mapo Hall, the council’s decision-making process is anticipated to shed light on the succession plan and the future leadership of Ibadan’s traditional institution.

However, the unfolding developments do not mark the conclusion of the intrigues that have engulfed the council since Oba Balogun’s demise. Notably, the influence of High Chief Rashidi Ladoja, Otun Olubadan and a prominent figure within the council, adds a layer of complexity to the deliberations.

Ladoja’s history of challenging traditional enthronements and his ongoing legal battles with successive administrations have positioned him as a key figure in the council’s dynamics. His refusal to accept the crown and repeated court challenges have engendered tensions among council members, fueling a climate of discord and uncertainty.

As the council navigates the intricate web of succession politics, questions linger regarding the potential resolution of internal conflicts and the restoration of cohesion within its ranks. With Ladoja’s proximity to the throne and the rotational system dictating the succession order, the outcome of the deliberations holds significant implications for the future leadership of Ibadan’s traditional institution.

While the prospect of Olakulehin’s enthronement looms large, the council’s decision-making process remains shrouded in intrigue, underscoring the complexities inherent in traditional governance and succession dynamics in Ibadan land.


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