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Iseyin Customs Killings: Sorrow, Tears and Blood; Their Regular Trademarks—Ismael Taiwo

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There is no gainsaying in the fact that the land is filled with bad news virtually everyday as no day comes to rest without the news of killing of Nigerian citizens by either unknown gunmen or known gunmen (security agencies) whose primary constitutional duty is to protect Nigerian citizens.

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The ugly trend whereby the Customs officers take delight in pulling the trigger at any slight provocative argument calls for serious concerns among the populace.

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While Nigeria is battling with twin evils of economic hardship and insecurity; one will come to term that the latter is no longer caused solely by men of the underworld but statutory security agencies.

Iseyin, a peaceful city that rarely comes to the news on brigandage, kidnapping, and other vices recently had its garment of peace torn by murderers in uniform.

Just recently, the media space was agog by gruesome murder of innocent souls by the men of Nigerian Customs Services NCS whose nefarious act has been a national issues in the past few days. It was learnt that the Customs officers while trying to checkmate some alleged smugglers jumped into an innocent shop and carted away some bags of rice and in the process shot sporadically which led to the death of four souls.

What should perturb sensible minds is the fact that these men in uniform usually flex muscle and discharge their firing prowess whenever they engage armless civilians.

We cannot continue to be fourth class citizens in our country, a situation where innocent lives are being cutshot like this calls for sober reflection.

As William Shakespeare opined “there is no sure foundation set on blood, no certain life achieved by other’s death.

Nigeria tethers on the brink of total collapse and the foundation of our hard earned democracy may be tattered if the blood of innocent souls continually taken at prime by men of Customs and other security operatives.

Well meaning Nigerians must rise against this ugly trend as the monsters the SARS recently made out of Nigeria are still much alive.

Ismael Taiwo T-COOL
writes from Ado-Awaye


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