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Mixed feelings, dichotomy of views, appraisals and knocks have been responses gotten from the public arena on the subject of the recent transfer of ownership of the transfer of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. This inevitable, holistic and practical approach remain the only option left to resolve the age-long tussle that has stultified development and progress of the jointly own Institution for more than fourteen years of its existence.

In spite of the lack of financial commitments from the States’ governments, the Institution thrives as a foremost technology Institution to a point of recognition in terms of its contributions to expand the purview of technical and technology education in Nigeria. Crops of it’s highly intellectuals that have made meaningful contributions to nation building, Contribute to developmental goals in, and across the globe, and at various levels and agencies can attest to this fact.

Without doubt, both Governor Seyi Makinde and Governor Gboyega Oyetola deserve some accolades and recommendations for being to decipher and promote people interest above their political differences. The agitation for the dissolution started with former Governor of Osun State, Olagusoye Oyinlola and his Oyo counterpart, Governor Alao Akala, who were as at that time members of People’s Democratic Party. In the manner, former Governor Ajimobi of Oyo State and his Osun counterpart, Rauf Aregbesola made failed attempt despite their political claims. It would be unjust, unethical and amount to being privy with the truth if we underscore the display of showmanship, native intelligence and political will of these helmsmen for any selfish or political reason. Recall that a legal action was instigated during the heat of the agitation when the financial commitments of both States were not encouraging. Considering different circumstances, the supreme Court ruled that the dissolution was impossible.

However, this dissolution is rather a victor, or vanquished for the two States but a huge loss to the Yoruba Unity. If you look critically, particularly along cultural claims and demography, Oyo and Osun share some similarities. Apart from the enviable linguistics extractions, there being hardly a town in Osun that doesn’t share some cultural, religious and historical affinities with Oyo people. This is to add to the fact that when the discourse of Yoruba Unity is discussed, the contributions of the two States can’t be underestimated. However, the Yoruba nation’s Unity transcends beyond the forefront of linguistics affinity to the share of common heritage, bloodlines, brotherhood, cultural claims

Again, this development, though carved nerves of the two State, is a constant reminder that underscore the fact that there are a lot of holes that need to be stitched along the fault lines that divide Yoruba nation. It shows that the two States can’t uphold educational legacy and heritage without rancor or splitting ideas. This is huge failure to the Yoruba nation despite the richness of culture.

Governor Makinde gave his words last week, he assured t work forces with Osun origin of their job security. But the question remains, for how long would such promise stand. Obviously, he has, at most eight years at the helm of affairs of the State. Who knows who will come after. Permit us to detour into a biblical story of Joseph who had made a treaty( what we now call MoU) with King Pharaoh of Egypt when he was the Prime Minister that his people(being Israelite) would enjoy same benefit with the Egyptians as long as they remain in the Egypt, but the narrative changed when another Pharaoh was enthroned. Excessive and hard labour hit the Israelites until they decided to move out of Egypt. For work forces and Students from Osun State, the narrative may take a similar form, it is a matter of time.

In the Southwest, this disengagement is a repeat of history. A similar tussle had ensured between Ondo State and Ekiti State shortly after the latter’s creation. The Ondo State University was built in Ado Ekiti by Pa Adekunle Ajasin, but upon creation of Ekiti State in 1996, the logjam for the control started. But after much consideration, Ondo State government had to transfer the ownership of the Institution to Ekiti State based on the fact that the Institution was established within the shore and confines of Ekiti State. This is great weakness that Yoruba Nation can’t trust themselves to have hitch free partnership on business that strengthen the cord of unity among its people.

Arguably, these disengagements show that Southwest States, despite their common heritage can’t fund regional Investments that promote Yoruba world view, preach unity in religious diversities and enhance the growth and development of the region. A project that would be jointly fund to promote the economy, educational and other sectors to increase the internal generated revenues of the region. With this, it shows that the emotion of love may not be ensured among the region as the means of its expression are drastically reducing.

As a matter of urgency, there is a need for us to pause and relearn the wisdom of our founding fathers. A need to retrace our steps and revisit why, how and when we slide from the pedestal of oneness displayed by our fore figures in promoting unity in the region. Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s educational system cuts across the length and breadth of the region. His giant strides along this line has earned the region an enviable name among its equals. We can’t afford to sit, crossed legs and allow the hard-earned unity of Yoruba Nation to become a thing of history.

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