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Mr. Governor, Your Beloved LAUTECH Is Producing More Dropouts Every Year Than Graduates


As much as we all have tried to come to terms in agreement with the fact that education isn’t free, at least not any longer, for reasons of maintenance and smooth running that should result to exploits, innovations and discoveries from the sector; we are yet to see these results manifest in the Nigerian educational sector; it has solely been a parasitic business venture that no longer has benefits for the consumers, rather than the fattening of cheeks and pockets of those who were assigned to meet the satisfaction of the consumers; education has been shortchanged.

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This outcry is as ancient as tattoos as fashion but it is devastating that we’ve been left to continue crying and wallow as victims of education, yes, victims of education; the educational system in Nigeria has become a predator over the lives of those it should empower.

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Every year in LADOKE AKINTOLA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, we bury victims of education who didn’t die naturally by the inability to catch up academically, but because some coronavirus-like policies were introduced without prior or due notification, forcing students who never signed to these policies to abide by the policies, rendering the purpose of what would have been a good policy, ulterior.

Needless to recount past incidence, the recent repetition of the effects of this policy suffice as evidence in any court of law; the institution kicked off the second semester examination of the 2021/2022 academic session on Monday, November 29, 2021 and a good percentage of students who are the supposed purpose of the institution have been denied the access to write this examination; LAUTECH is producing more dropouts every year than graduates.

What is this policy? NO TUITION, NO EXAM POLICY. A very good policy that every sane person should understand that it is for the purpose of maintenance and the smooth running of the institution, considering the blows that the institution has faced in past times from strikes and tussle of ownership between two States.

The policy was initiated at a time when the institution was being self funded to meet the payments and arrears of staff members of the institution; and students who were never the cause of these arrears or irresponsibility of the visiting governments then, became the only victims of this anomaly by being forced to adjust; in fact an unreasonable geometric increase in the tuition was proposed as at the time, to leave the students’ representatives no choice than to bargain the price rather than fighting a policy they were never prepared for; the tuition was still geometrically increased, at least that was the middle ground between the management and the students then, and the policy stood.

Ever since, it has been series of students dropping out of the institution; it has been a journey of marring the careers that the institution was supposed to make; it has been the production of hooligans, fraudster and victims of disappointments and a failed government, or what do we expect of students whose fees were suddenly increased alongside a policy that ensures they pay up the fees or they won’t be eligible to write the examinations that will certify them?

The school has witnessed a financial turn around in recent times at the advent of a new visitor that has not only been responsible and responding to demands, but made sure that the fundamental troubles faced with the institution was resolved, and that was the sole ownership of the institution by a State(Oyo State).

This Governor has been paying FULL SUBVENTION to LAUTECH; arrears that are not even owed by the present visitor has been taken care of, obviously there had been a smooth running, funds are being generated and there is no need for unnecessary pressure on the students who should be the purpose of the institution, and not victims.

Ironically, it is students who are not appointees of the Governor that understands his good intentions for the Institution; or what else could be the intention of someone who removed #3,000 levy for Primary Schools in the State, and reduced our own tuition here by 25%? We see such gesture, and we appreciate it as a notable value for education and the greatest caution against having dropouts from schools.

These students are still the ones overworked, running TWO SESSIONS IN A YEAR; putting parents on the run to rally for TUITION OF TWO YEARS IN A YEAR; and they will term it our own share and advantage as it implies graduating on time, but the truth is, it only implies a rapid in flow of cash for the greedy purses and unproductivity from being worn out.

It is only unfortunate that the good intentions of the State Government are being sabotaged by the appointees who are supposed to implement credits to the good intentions; rather appointees such as the COMMISSIONER FOR EDUCATION in the State, Barr Rahman Abdul-raheem has connived with the Management of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology starting from the Institution’s ACTING VICE CHANCELLOR, Professor Mojeed Olaide Liasu, and his subordinates, the DEAN OF STUDENTS AFFAIRS, Professor Azeem Ige, who has actively been playing the role of silencing the students who are the very platform that influenced the newness in the State, the advent of clear waters.

It has been a tussle of who eats more from the spoils of the students as the fattening of the pockets of some of the Management Staff and purchase of VEHICLES is the reason why members of the ACADEMIC STAFF UNION OF UNIVERSITIES (ASUU), LAUTECH CHAPTER are also hell bent on having their shares by threatening with STRIKE ACTIONS.

These appointees have been deliberately sabotaging their principal’s effort, because even as we speak, an IMMEDIATE IMPLEMENTATION OF A 25% REDUCTION has still not effected, why else if not because the school management has not made enough for their pockets.

We hereby call on the Executive State Governor of the Oyo State to rise to action to defend his love and good intentions for Education and do the needful to the pests and greedy personnels sabotaging his efforts.

The students of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology will not stand down and watch the Institution we should be proud of in years to come, to be clamped down and feasted on by selfish interests; we won’t fold arms and watch our colleagues drop out and become elements of destruction in our society; we want to graduate and rise together.

We hereby declare that there would be a peaceful protest at the Oyo State Secretariat to state our grievances, and make our plights known in solidarity of our fellow students, and for a call to action of a Governor whom we know has our good at heart.

Indigent Students



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