My Husband Was Still Fighting With Me Over Sex Despite Having Our Child Dying in The Hospital—Wife Tells Court In Ibadan 


Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has adjourned till August 11, defence on the divorce suit brought before it by a woman, Aminat Owolabi, against her husband, Tajudeen Owolabi, on the grounds of lack of care, neglect, physical assault and threat to her life.

Aminat told the court that her husband was irresponsible and indifferent to her welfare and that of their four children.

She said that her husband, on many occasions, left her and their children to starve.


Aminat in addition explained that Tajudeen was a sadist and derived pleasure in seeing her went through pain and agony.

According to Aminat, Tajudeen was violent and would sometimes beat her blue black after which he would harm her with dangerous object.

The plaintiff explained that the defendants uncaring attitude led to the death of one of their children who was knocked down by a vehicle while crossing the road.


Aminat stated that her husband, not sober still, demanded for sex while their child was dying in the hospital.

She said that Tajudeen, at her refusal went irate, threatened her with a knife and dragged her on the floor thus hitting her head against the furniture in their room.


The plaintiff said the defendant refused that she had rest of mind even after she walked out of their marriage and that he was always threatening to have the custody of their children.

Aminat thus pleaded with the court to dissolve their marriage, grant her custody of their children, but make her husband responsible for their upkeep giving priority to their feeding, education and medical care.

She also prayed the court to restrain him from harassing and threatening her at new place of abode and shop.


Tajudeen denied all the allegations brought against him.

He also refused that their marriage be dissolved.

Aminat in her evidence told the court that, “My lord, I regret ever going into marriage with my husband. Tajudeen is an evil wind that blows no one any good.

“My husband is nonchalant about my welfare and that of our children.

“He dodged his responsibilities in the home and passed the bulk to me.


“My children and I ate from hand to mouth and struggled to survive each day.

“Our children’s education was never his priority; he never showed interest in their studies.

“I have been the one paying their school fees and buying their textbooks and stationery.

“Tajudeen is cruel. He was always on my neck and refused that I had rest of mind.

“My reward for constantly playing his role in the home was severe beatings from him. The scars all over my body tell the story.

“My husband brought pain into my heart which ceased to heal as a result of his negligence and carefree attitude towards our children’s wellbeing.

“He dropped them in school one faithful morning and was informed by the teachers that the school was closing earlier that day.

“He was given a time to come back and pick the children, but he refused to turn up.

“The children made their way home by themselves after waiting endlessly for him.

“One of them was knocked down by a vehicle while they were crossing the road and was rushed to the hospital.

“His state was critical and I spent days with him while on admission.

“My husband failed to play the expected role and left me to bear the brunt of the expenses of our child’s medical care.

“I returned home during one of these days and was praying late in the evening.

“My husband to my surprise demanded for sex and I turned down his request.

“I told him he was a callous human being. I was surprised that all that my husband could think about was sex, when our child lay on the hospital bed, dying.


“Tajudeen went wild, picked a knife and threatened to stab me if I refused that he had his way.

“He pulled me by my dress and dragged me on the floor of our room, hitting my head on the furniture as he pulled me.

“I shouted to neighbours for help when I realised he might kill me and they came to my rescue speedily.

“Our son died the following day and I was left to grieve over him.

“I later relocated to Lagos with the remaining of our children and have been staying with my siblings who have been taken care me.

“Tajudeen has refused that I have rest of mind after I relocation.

“He has kept threatening me and demanding to have our children in his custody.

“I pray this honourable court to dissolve our marriage and grant me custody of our children.

“I also plead with the court to restrain him from harassing or threatening me in my place of abode and shop.”

The president of the court, Mrs S.M Akintayo, adjourned the case for defense.


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