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Mysterious Boy Who Solves Complex Mathematics Without Calculator in Ibadan Trends Online

The video of a mysterious Ibadan based boy, Adeniran Abdulgafar, has surfaced on the internet and has been trending on social media for his ability to solve very complex multiplication and other mathematical questions in seconds, without the help of a calculator.

In her comment, Adeniran’s teacher, Mrs Ogunbowale Victoria who spoke about the young boy revealed he is passionate about learning and she loves how he always asks intriguing questions while she’s teaching in class.

“Many times he will be solving mathematics on the sand with his fingers…”, she said.

Adeniran in a video posted by video journalist, Ayo Adams is said to be a brilliant SS 2 student, who, however, suffers from an unnamed health condition that makes him slip into unconsciousness periodically.

He can solve complicated mathematical calculations in a breath, and also calculate up to thousands of multiplications.

In the video, when he was asked what 1024 x 1024 was, he quickly provided the answer.

Adeniran, who is an orphan, said he lives with an old woman who serves as his guardian.

Meanwhile, admirers have expressed hope that he may soon get help from well-wishers and get his education sponsored.

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