NSCDC Discovers Factory Producing Fake Car Lubricants in Apata, Ibadan


The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in Oyo State has made a significant breakthrough by uncovering a factory where adulterated and counterfeit Automated Transmission Fluids (ATF), grease engine oil, and other varieties of car lubricants are being produced. Led by the Oyo State Commandant of NSCDC, Michael Adaralewa, a team of civil defence operatives raided the factory located in the Apata area of Ibadan.

During a press briefing at the scene, Mr. Adaralewa disclosed that approximately 2,500 liters of ATF and various car lubricants were confiscated based on prior intelligence received from specialized operatives in the state. The seizure is a significant blow to those involved in the production and distribution of fake automotive products.


Two suspects were apprehended in connection with the illegal operation. The commandant stated that the seized items would be handed over to the relevant authorities for comprehensive laboratory analysis. This analysis will help determine the extent of the adulteration and potential harm these counterfeit lubricants could cause to vehicles and their engines.


The suspected owner of the factory confessed to having been involved in this illicit business for over two decades. Shockingly, he admitted to operating without any official government authorization. This revelation highlights the need for stricter regulation and monitoring of such industries to protect consumers from substandard and potentially dangerous products.


The NSCDC’s discovery and subsequent raid on this illegal factory serve as a warning to other individuals engaged in similar activities. Law enforcement agencies are committed to cracking down on counterfeiters and ensuring the safety and well-being of Nigerian citizens.


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