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OAU Student: Family Demands Probe Of Hotel Chairman’s Video


• ‘Disregard call to ignore Oduduwa Univerirty’

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The autopsy procedure on the body of Timothy Adegoke, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, who died in Hilton Hotel and Resorts, lasted four hours yesterday.

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Adegoke’s body was brought out of the morgue of UNIOSUN Teaching Hospital for X-Ray around 11:45am and returned at 12:55pm.

Pathologists started the process at 2:30pm and ended at 6:30pm. All the parties were represented including the family of the victim, the lawyer of the suspect, and the police. Journalists were also on the premises.

However, the family of the deceased through their lawyer, Naheem Adekilekun, who addressed newsmen in front of the morgue, expressed certain worries.

“We demand an immediate inquiry into the circumstances that led to the production of audio that is in circulation in which the chairman of the hotel, Mr Rahman Adedoyin, whom the police claimed to be in their custody, recorded an appeal to members of the public pleading his innocence;

“A clearer statement on what prompted the Police Public Relations of Osun, Mrs Yemisi Opalola, to hastily tell members of the public that there was nothing to show any form of mutilation on the body of the deceased when exhumed from the shallow grave. This is contrary to what witnesses who were at the site of the exhumation claim.”


Commissioner of Police, Olawale Olokode, while featuring on a private radio station, Rave FM on a talk show programme, Frank Talk, said, the suspects arrested said that the Manager Director of the hotel, Roheem Adedoyin, who is the son of the chairman of the hotel, Dr Ramon Adedoyin, masterminded the dumping of Adegoke’s body with two other managers.

He said, “A suspect told us that Timothy died inside the room in Hilton Hotel and the body after two days was discovered which was taken to a bush about 2km away from the hotel and thrown into a bush.

“Meticulous investigation of police discovered where the body was buried against the claim that it was just dumped. Six suspects were arrested. Three of the staff packed the body and threw it into the bush. None of them confessed to the actual killing.”

Meanwhile, Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu, Osun State, has appealed to the general public to disregard the call by some people to boycott the university as a result of incident at the Hilton Honours Hotel, Ile-Ife.

According to a statement by the institution, Oduduwa University is an institution that is operated by its Governing Council, though it is one of the businesses under the conglomerate of Dr. Ramon Adegoke Adedoyin.

The statement said the institution had operated over 12 years under a serene, peaceful and exciting environment without any form of interruption in its academic calendar and activities.

Part of the statement reads: “We wish to state further that Oduduwa University over this 12 years and still counting has produced models who are flourishing in various areas of their endeavours.”


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