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Oct 1st: Reconsider Hike in Electricity and Pump Price— Hon. Akinremi Jagaban Urges FG


Today is a significant day for me being the day I was born, as well as for our nation Nigeria being a day when we gained independence 60 years ago. I am grateful to Almighty Allah who has graciously granted me the opportunity to witness another year on earth.

I celebrate attaining this new age today with gratitude to God for his blessings over my life and family, for our good health and strength, while also appreciating the Almighty for the grace to serve the good people of Ibadan North Federal Constituency so far.

As always, the people are my major focus, and even on this day, echoing and supporting the many yearning and aspiration of Nigerians remains priority for me, considering how much we have lagged behind in development as well as in socio-economic progress.

As much as we need the collaboration of all and sundry in achieving sustainable progress for our dear nation, Government at all levels needs to put the interest of the people first, while ensuring policies and programs set to be implemented are in the best interest of the populace.

The recent hike in petroleum price alongside increment in electricity tariff has come at a wrong time as our people are yet to recover from the economic downturn as a result of covid-19, and these increments in the price of valuable resources will only further deepen the hardship faced by Nigerians.

At the moment, the increment in petrol price has caused an upsurge in transportation cost, with ripple effect on the price of commodities in the market. There is so much we are yet to put in place in creating ease for our people, we should therefore not compound their woes.


Also, road infrastructure still suffers a great deal, and we keep losing valuable lives to avoidable road accidents time and time again. Very recently fatal road accidents were recorded at lokoja in Kogi state causing irreplaceable damage and irreparable loss.

I want to urge the Executive arms of government, both federal and states to give more consideration to roads in the 2021 budget. This alongside attention to other infrastructures of importance will guarantee ease for our people across the country.

It’s 60 years of our independence today, and we need to take a sincere inventory and appraisal of ourselves. This is because as blessed as we are with abundance of human and mineral resources, we are yet to reach the heights expected of us as a nation.

As such, we need to come together and work in unison to identify our challenges and in sincerity of purpose to resolve them. We have to build our nation and this is a joint task, one in which everyone across all layers and strata of the society participates to ensure success.

Happy 60th Independence Day to Nigeria.

God Bless Ìbàdàn North Federal Constituency.
God Bless Ọ̀yọ́ State.
God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Prince Akínrẹ̀mí Jagaban.
MHR, Ìbàdàn North Federal Constituency.