Olubadan-Designate Olakulehin Confirmed Hale and Hearty; Ibadan Elevated Obas Set Stage for Formal Announcement


Ibadan’s anticipated succession plan took a positive turn on Friday evening as Owolabi Olakulehin, the Olubadan-designate, appeared before the Ibadan Elevated Obas, dispelling concerns over his absence and medical condition.

Amidst prior discord regarding the monarch’s non-appearance and health status, Hamidu Ajibade, the spokesperson for the high chiefs, had adamantly insisted on verifying Olakulehin’s well-being before any formal announcement could be made.

However, Lateef Adebimpe, the Osi Balogun, issued a statement following a meeting with the 89-year-old Olubadan-in-waiting, reassuring the public of his sound health and the council’s readiness to proceed with the installation process.

“We were keen to ensure the Olubadan-designate’s physical presence, considering his prolonged absence from our meetings due to age-related illness. Our primary concern was to verify his condition firsthand before proceeding with any official announcements,” stated Adebimpe, accompanied by Abiodun Kola-Daisi.

Expressing relief at Olakulehin’s well-being, Adebimpe hinted at imminent arrangements for the formal announcement of his candidacy. According to him, the Olubadan-in-council has initiated plans for the installation, reflecting optimism for continued progress and development in Ibadan.

Per Ibadan’s chieftaincy protocol, Olakulehin’s ascension to the Olubadan throne necessitates nomination by Otun Balogun Tajudeen Ajibola within 21 days of the previous monarch’s demise, followed by a meeting convened by the senior chief in the opposing line.


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