ONDOELECTION2020: Vote Buying, Zero Convincing Manifestos And 3 Unnoticed Reasons Why Eyitayo Jegede LOSS


Those who think Akeredolu Only came to make a blip on the Political scene of the State would probably be adjusting to the new reality brought by the announcement of the just concluded Election in the State.

While this may not be a jaw-dropper for few elites and quick-witted individuals who had approached the election with statistics demodulated from painstaking analysis, it is apparently a big time disappointment for the common masses who swim and sink on the candidacy of Eyitayo Jegede.

Without a scintilla of doubt, the results of the election don’t reflect the desires and feelings of the common masses in the State. But as I always deduct, Politics is more than someone’s feelings. It is about who can control, manipulate, through whichever means, the mind of the people. Every politicians understand this, and everyone of them knows that the people’s heart is a fecund ground to display Political showmanship.

So, whosoever flaunts his Political gimmicks convincingly coast home in victory.
The feelers I have been receiving from the people (particularly youths) since the declaration of the results can’t be underpinned.

It is indeed a dichotomy of views. In fact, Mouths are bound to wag the utter bewilderment and disappointment that greeted the faces of the masses who were desperately and earnestly desire a change from the Political quagmire and ‘familitocracy’ approach to government that has characterised the Political scene of the State in the last three and years.

A strife of Interest masquerading itself as the will of the people. The conduct of public affairs for private advantages, family affairs and what have you. They needed a change in the narratives, at least, a government that would rejig the polity to meet the yearning of the people. Particularly, the tertiary education system of the State that is now at the verge of collapse.

As the common masses, Jegede’s Political family are smarting from the defeat of their anointed candidate, necessity is placed upon me to identify instances and circumstances that led to his dispatch.

Vote Buying

The level at which people lost the sense of sanctity, electoral purpose and enlightenment at the sight of #10000, #5000 and more at the polling units further substantiate Henry Cabot Jnr’s popular opinionated quote that ” a hungry man is more interested in four sandwiches than four freedom”.

As a keen observer, I honestly don’t expect Jegede’s cronies to be ranting and crying that the election was monitinized. I’m sure that Jegede himself knows that Politics has become so expensive that it takes a lot of money to even be defeated.

In the just concluded election in Ondo State, people sold birth rights for a bowl of porridge. Jegede should have known that he can’t, regardless his Political ideology and popularity, win election hands down with the incumbent Governor without pumping more money to the people.

Voting buying is a common known enemy of electoral process in Nigeria, a visceral enemy we must dropped even if we take the last drop of our blood. Unlike other precedents, Violence was replaced with distribution of money.

The rain of currency was too obvious that at a point they (parties) started trading blames over voting buying. But unfortunately, Jegede could not afford to drop 1million for each voting centre in the state. Although vote buying help to sway the mind of the people, it is still not the enough reason for his lost. Vote buying only amplified the resonant voices of the people.


Results have shown over time so much that no matter how any one want to spin it, zoning is one major prerequisites to determine the outcome of Ondo gubernatorial election.

Irregardless of any Political pedegrees, there is 30% likelihood that a candidate may emerged if the party had acceded to the Political correctness of picking a candidate from the South Senatorial Districts. Prior to the election, I had not a small chew over with the People Democracy Party’s supporters over the party’s decision not to respect to the logical principles of zoning in the State.

With obvious reasons, I made them realised that an average person from the South Senatorial District would rather prefer to Support a government that would fold up in the next 4years than to wait for 8years without fruition. From all indications, the people of the South Senatorial District, particularly the Ikales and Ilajes, intentionally thrown the weight behind Akeredolu because of politics of 2023.

Over the years, these local government has been the strongholds of the People Democracy Party, but the table turned in favour of the All Progressive Congress because of political calculations.

Unpopular Running Mate

It beats the principles of logical reason and offends the doctrine of political correctness for Jegede not have picked a running mate from among the candidates that slug it out with him in the party’s primaries.

Apart from being a member of representative representing Okitipupa/Irele Federal Constituency, Hon. Dele Gboluga does not have a huge grassroot following and affection. It is rightly believed that a Politician’s test of Popularity and influence is measured by the ability to deliver his wards, local government in an election.

Hon. Gboluga failed to deliver. His Influence could not convince his people enough to repose confidence on him and his party.

Zero Convincing Manifestos.

Only a few will understand that Mr. Jegede don’t technically approach his campaign will convincing manifestos. Pragmatically, his submission on School fees does not succinctly addressed the fact the State is struggling to manage three State universites that demand urge financial commitment from the State government. He would have successfully warm his way into the elites’ heart if he had approached his campaign with a more achievable and probable options.

South West Leadership Tussle Between Makinde and Fayose & Cold feelings from PDP National Leaders

Unlike Edo, the warm Support from the national leaders of the People Democracy Party was not encouraging. This further contributed to the swarm defeat of the party’s candidate. The PDP National Leaders would have preference for candidates from the South Senatorial District.

They believe that a candidate from the South Senatorial District would be candidate to market, owing to the fact Ondo State politics can’t be totally divorced from the politics of zoning.

Obviously, Jegede’s emergence caused major drawback in the commitment of these Leaders. During the Party’s primaries, it was alleged that the party’s superintendent caucus supported Agbola, who is from the south against Mr. Eyitayo Jedege. Another drawback is the south west leadership tussle between Oyo State Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde and the immediate past governor of Ekiti State, Mr. Ayodele Fayose.

The south west chapter of the party has been shrouded in controversy of who is qualify to be the leader of the party some month ago. This unreconcilable differences between the duo affected the fellow feelings in the party.


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