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Oyo Charges All Government Drivers To Comply With Traffic Rules, Regulations


Oyo State government has cautioned drivers of government vehicles in public and civil service to shun reckless driving, the attitude of no respect for other road users and non-compliance with traffic rules and regulations.

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The commissioner for establishment and training, Alhaji Siju Lawal, gave the warning during a one-day in-house sensitization workshop for drivers and mechanics in the state public/civil service.

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At the event where about 60 drivers and mechanics in the state public and civil service participated, Lawal explained that the workshop was necessary, following a series of reports and complaints of gross misconduct and non-compliance with traffic rules and regulations.

While noting that experts on road management including Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) and Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) would engage the drivers to imbibe the right skills, the culture for safe driving and disciplinary attitude, Alhaji Siju Lawal insisted that the state government would not hesitate to punish recalcitrant drivers.

He said: “This Ministry has been inundated with a series of reports and complaints of gross misconduct and non-compliance with traffic rules and regulations by Public/Civil Service vehicles drivers.

“These reckless and careless driving are occasioned by non-symbol, non-respect of other road users in all ramifications. Effect of this ugly trend is the reported incident by Government Drivers.

“Most of which have resulted in the loss of lives and damaged vehicles. Very similar to this is the reported case of gross indiscipline by the Government Vehicles Drivers. These range from drunkenness, laziness, absenteeism, dirtiness, rudeness, non-challant attitude and dedication to exposing their masters to danger and risk as a result of their slippery and loose talks.”

While adding that the workshop would enable the participants to imbibe the right skills, disciplinary attitude and culture for driving safety on our roads not minding the complexities involved, the Commissioner stated tha the government will not hesitate to deal decisively with such misdemeanor in line with the extant provisions of the service.

Director of the state Vehicle Inspection Office, Engr. Ajayi James, expressed hope that after the workshop, there would be a significant improvement in the conduct of most government vehicle drivers.


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