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Oyo Guber 2023: Seyi Makinde K’saa Maa Dupe Lo To.. By Omolere Omoetan


Oro wa o gb’ejo wewe…
k’asa maa dupe lo to…

The above is a favorite chorus for worshippers of various faiths amongst the Yoruba-speaking tribe in South West Nigeria. When translated, it means we should cease from murmuring but be thankful for God’s goodness and faithfulness to us.

The deep meaning of this song was recently reiterated by Governor Seyi Makinde, when members of the Africa Democratic Congress ( ADC ), Oyo state chapter, paid him a thank-you visit, at the government Secretariat. Makinde, in his usual amiable self, noted that all glory should be given to God, concluding his brief remarks with the song ” Oro wa o gb’ejo wewe…k’asa maa dupe lo to…”

Without ambiquity, we should indeed be grateful to God for His blessings, for the things He has given us, for the properties we can buy because we can afford them, and the benediction and grace we couldn’t afford even though we have a warehouse filled with riches and wealth.

One of God’s goodness that money can not buy is His blessing the people of Oyo state with a visionary servant-leader and far-sighted Governor, in the person of Engr. Seyi Makinde. Of a truth, even if we had riches and wealth beyond measure, we would not have been able to afford the kind of management and pilotage that God has graciously gifted us through the administration of Makinde. Indeed, we have no reason to murmur, but be thankful. ” Oro wa o gb’ejo wewe. k’asa maa dupe lo to…”

From Ibadan to Ogbomoso, Oke Ogun to Ibarapa, the story is the same. In less than three years of his tenure, Governor Seyi Makinde has left significant footprints in each of these regions. In Makinde’s Oyo state, no province can complain of neglect as was the case before now. “Oro wa o gb’ejo wewe… k’asa maa dupe lo to…”

Upon assumption of office, the governor set out to tackle security issues by providing over 100 vehicles and security gadgets to the federal government controlled security agencies in the the state. Even though there are a few security challenges once in a while, these however are attributed to the inability of the government at the centre to frame a proper security architecture for the whole country.

Makinde continues to work hard to ensure that lives and properties are not only safe, but also secured via the creation of an environment that promotes investors’ confidence in the state. On security “Oro wa o gb’ejo wewe…k’asa maa dupe lo to…”


In the educational sector, Governor Makinde continues to chart new territories. His abolishing the payment of school fees, in Primary and Secondary schools, was an act that has reduced the number of out of school children. He paid Millions of Naira, being Oyo state’s counterpart funding, to SUBEB. He also employed more teachers, built and renovated schools across the state, to mention a few.

Making Oyo state the sole owner of the Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomosho was no mean achievement by the Governor and the feat has deservedly drawn applause from far and near. Before now, the institution had suffered so many setbacks that it was something of a miracle that it had not gone belly up. However LAUTECH today has become a school of pride. Recently, the renowned world University ranking organization, Webometrics, rated the institution as one of the highly rated universities, not just in the country but the world. Continuing in his efforts to change the fortunes of the state’s tertiary institutions, the governor also recently approved the sum of 136 million Naira for the upgrade of the Lanlate College of Education. All these under three years of a divinely-inspired leadership of governor Seyi Makinde. On education, we sing “Oro wa o gb’ejo wewe…k’asa maa dupe lo to…”

The regular and timely payment of salaries, pension and gratuities has made life more meaningful for employees of the state government and retirees. If I was into Real Estate or merchandise, Oyo state employees will be my primary target. I know for sure that I will get paid on the 25th of every month for credit extended to workers. Prompt payment of salaries have, in no small measure, boost the economy of the state. Oyo state workers and pensioners are appreciative, with Makinde prompt payment of gratuities, men and women who had dedicated their youthful years to the service of the state are reaping the fruits of what they laboured for in their life time, unlike in the past when such fruits are bequeathed to their next of kin. And with joyful hearts they are singing ” Oro wa o gb’ejo wewe… k’asa maa dupe lo to…’

With the gross incompetence of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, what would the state capital and other major cities and towns in Oyo state look like without the ” Light up Oyo Project” ? The whole place would have been in pitch darkness at night ! One shudders to think of the crime that would have been perpetrated under the cover of dark, without the streets lit up !

Time and space will fail me if I have to itemize all that governor Seyi Makinde has been able to achieve under three years. Is it on infastructure development, road construction and health ? Without doubt, he has raised the bar for all that will come after him in 2027. Seyi Makinde has Done Well. Therefore, one good term deserves another.

In conclusion, of a truth Governor Seyi Makinde has been examplary as a leader. With him, the people come first. God described David, a foremost king of Isreal, as a man after his heart, for with King David the people always came first. Undoubtedly, Makinde is also a man after God’s heart, for with him the welfare and safety of the people comes first.

With Seyi Makinde “Oro wa o gb’ejo wewe…k’asa maa dupe lo to…”.

Seyi Makinde Lekansi!!!

Omolere Omoetan is a Senior Special Assistant on Media to the Deputy Governor of Oyo state.