Oyo Iyaloja-General: Makinde Wades In On Controversy, Warns Against Fanning Embers Of Disunity


As part of efforts aimed at quelling rising tensions surrounding the position of Iyaloja-General in Oyo State, Governor Seyi Makinde has stepped into the fray warning individuals fanning embers of disunity to shun such move.

The controversy, which has been simmering for months, centers around the rightful occupant of the prestigious Iyaloja-General office.

While Oyo born Princess Folashade Abeo on one hand claimed to be the rightful occupant of the prestigious title, Ibadan born Alhaja Saratu Aduke on the other also claimed the same thereby allowing the ongoing controversy surrounding the title to fester.

The position of Iyaloja-General holds significant cultural and economic importance within the state, as the title holder is traditionally responsible for overseeing market activities and representing the interests of market women in the state.

The recent dispute arose following conflicting claims to the title between the duo of Princess Abeo and Alhaja Aduke, with the two factions putting publicly displaying rightful authority as holder of the title.

This discord has led to uncertainty and division within the market community in the state, prompting concerns about its potential impact on commerce and stability.

In response to the escalating tension and controversy, Governor Makinde told newsmen on Wednesday April 10 at his Ikolaba private residence that whoever are the sponsors of such controversy should desist.


“Two days ago when I went to break the Ramadan fast with Alhaji Hazim Gbolarumi, I’ve not even left there that speculation started spreading that authentic Iyaloja general was there.

“Who is not authentic, who are the people behind fanning disunity among us? This is why I want to use this opportunity to felicitate with Muslims and to note the lesson to be learned from this Ramadan period, which is discipline.” Makinde said.


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