Oyo Monarch Offers Clarification on Pastor Adeboye’s Visit to Palace, Highlights Significance of Ceremonial Chairs


In a bid to provide clarity amidst the controversy surrounding the recent visit of Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, to the palace of the Onile Igbon of Orile Igbon, Oba Francis Alao, the Deputy Chairman of the Oyo State Council of Obas and Chiefs, has offered an explanation regarding the chair on which Pastor Adeboye sat during his visit.

The monarch, Oba Alao, has made it clear that Pastor Adeboye did not sit on the chair exclusively reserved for the monarch. Instead, he sat on one of the ceremonial chairs that are specially designated for top dignitaries. Oba Alao emphasized that the chair offered to Pastor Adeboye was a mark of honor and respect, as the revered priest had visited Orile Igbon for an evangelism program held on the playground of Olugbon High School.

Addressing the photo that circulated on social media showing Pastor Adeboye sitting on the chair, Oba Alao explained the context of the situation. He stated that Pastor Adeboye’s helicopter landed in an open space within the palace, where the monarch received him and had a conversation in his living room. From there, they proceeded to the venue of the program, where thousands of people had gathered. Oba Alao joined Pastor Adeboye as a show of support, acknowledging the blessing his presence brought to the ancient town. During the program, Pastor Adeboye prayed for the town and all attendees.

To honor the esteemed pastor, Oba Alao offered one of the ceremonial royal chairs, typically reserved for top dignitaries, for Pastor Adeboye’s use during the program. The monarch made it clear that the chair offered was not the specific one reserved for the Olugbon, which holds great spiritual and historical significance and cannot be shared with anyone.

Oba Alao sought understanding from those who expressed concern about the issue, explaining that there are traditional ceremonial chairs meant for very important persons in addition to the chair exclusively reserved for the monarch. He hoped that his clarification would help dispel any misunderstandings or misconceptions surrounding the visit and the use of the ceremonial chair.

In a separate development, the monarch took the opportunity to urge all followers of Christ in Nigeria to reflect on the numerous blessings bestowed upon them, particularly during the Christmas season. He emphasized that Christmas is not only a time for celebration but also a time for making new commitments to living a life that reflects the teachings of Christ. Oba Alao encouraged individuals to embrace righteousness, honesty, and love towards their fellow men, regardless of their faith or cultural beliefs.

With this clarification from the Oyo monarch, it is hoped that the controversy surrounding Pastor Adeboye’s visit and the use of the ceremonial chair will be put to rest, allowing for a deeper understanding of the cultural traditions and gestures of respect within the palace.


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