Oyo State Government Cracks Down on Unauthorized Environmental Consultants


The Oyo State Government is taking strict measures to ensure environmental compliance by sanctioning unauthorized environmental consultants. Waste contractors are being urged to register with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to avoid penalties under Oyo State Environmental laws.

During a meeting with waste consultants in Ibadan, Commissioner Abdulmojeed Mogbonjubola emphasized the importance of regularizing technical reports, such as Environmental Audit Reports and Environmental Impact Assessment reports, to meet required standards. He called for harmonization of all regulators’ policies and warned that the government will not tolerate environmental pollution or degradation, be it emissions, liquid, solid, or gaseous wastes.

The current administration is committed to improving the cleanliness of the environment and has invited all environmental consultants in the state for discussions on their roles, rules of engagement, and compliance. The government aims to create a sustainable and healthy environment through proactive measures and stakeholder participation.

Commissioner Mogbonjubola clarified that the invitation and sensitization of environmental consultants are essential before enforcement by government officials. He emphasized that the ministry has the power to monitor compliance, enforce regulations, and sanction those responsible for environmental pollution. The government’s focus is not to target individuals or organizations but to ensure the protection and restoration of the environment.

As part of this initiative, the Commissioner has engaged with numerous agro-allied, chemical, construction companies, quarries, and industrial facilities in the state. Mutual collaborations have been established to promote general cleanliness, proper waste management, storage, and operational health and safety measures for workers.

Overall, the Oyo State Government is taking decisive action to maintain a sustainable and healthy environment, with stricter regulations for unauthorized environmental consultants and a commitment to working collaboratively with stakeholders.


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