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Oyo Tertiary Institutions’ Staff Wants Makinde’s Consultant Removed, Issues 3 Days Ultimatum

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Workers in the six state owned tertiary institutions in Oyo State have again issued a 3 day ultimatum to the government.

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The ultimatum was issued based on the failure of the government to pay the 11 months arears of minimum wage and the activities of platinum consultants.

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“Following the failure of the Government to appropriately address the two issues cited above by the end of our seven day ultimatum on Tuesday, JAC is left with no option than to continue the process of legitimate industrial actions already initiated.

“To this effect, please be notified that JAC hereby issue another three day ultimatum commencing from Wednesday, February 24, 2021, for the Government to appropriately address both issues as contained in our communique of February 11, 2021, failing which JAC will no longer be able to guarantee industrial harmony of all the institutions,” the workers wrote in a statement on Wednesday.


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