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PHOTOS: Residents Express Worries Over Deplorable Condition of Their Roads In Ibadan •Call On Govt To Intervene

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There is no doubt that a good road will always bring development to an area as many people will want to move to the area and establish businesses in such places and this will in turn enable the residents to have access to more amenities in such communities.

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However, such developments seem illusive to a major community in the Apata area of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, as the residents in that community are going through probably the worst moments of their lives over the deplorable state of the road that links the various areas of the community.

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The Wire and Cable area of Apata, Ibadan, is quite a popular road in the city. However, the road that leads from the Wire and Cable and goes into Orisumbare, Alausa, Ita Faaji, Ilupeju, Oganla, Opopin, Olohan, Fenwa areas that make up a community is in a total mess as the road has become impassable.

I was in the community for a social function on Saturday, November 13 and what I saw was an eyesore as the almost five-kilometre road had become totally deplorable as vehicles could no longer pass through the road while tricycles and commercial motorcycles are having it very rough passing through the road.

On getting to the Wire and Cable end of the road, I was told by some of the residents that I should just park my car at a safe place and take a commercial motorcycle popularly called Okada to where I was going so that I would not regret ever coming to the area. So I decided to park at a filling station and then took the motorcycle.

In fact, it is an understatement to say the road is in a horrible condition. After spending some gruelling minutes on the motorcycle, I asked the Okada rider how they had been coping and he told me the situation was very worrisome as it seems no one was ready to repair the road which falls under the Ido Local Government Area of the state.

However, while returning from the function I attended, I had to tell another Okada rider who carried me to wait so that I could take photographs of the situation of the road and after taking the photographs, he took me to the Okada park at Wire and Cable where I spoke with some of the residents who were waiting to be transported on the bad road.

Mr Dapo Falade, who described himself as an online publisher, described the road as appaling, saying that on many occasions, some government officials had come to the area to look at the condition of the road, but after leaving, nothing was heard from them again.

According to him: “I have been living in Ita Faaji for about seven years. It is now so terrible driving on this road. On many occasions, government officials have come and promised to do something about it, but immediately after the promise, we will not hear anything from them again. It is so appaling.”

Another resident, Mr Sola Awe, who described himself as the Chairman of the Ilupeju Central Development Committee, disclosed that he had written numerous letters to both the Ido Local Government Area and the state government without any results.

According to him: “If not because of the efforts of some of the Okada riders who usually mend the road, by now, we would have been cut off from the rest of the city. I have written a series of letters to both the local government and the state government, it is always promises upon promises.

“Many people have fallen from Okadas during their trips to their destinations and some have landed in hospital. Many vehicle owners no longer drive those vehicles on the road while those who do always visit mechanic workshops regularly. It is very worrisome.”

There is no doubt that what I witnessed on that stretch of the road needs urgent attention because if the needed attention is not given to the road on time, there are indications that the people in the community may be cut off from the rest of the city.


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