53 years ago, Prince Abiodun hails from the family of Late Prince Lasisi Sanda. He had his elementary education in Oyo town before bagging a degree from University of Lagos, Lagos State and thereafter travelled to Clare, Ireland.

For his deep rooted sentiments and passion for where he came from, Prince Abiodun was involved in the development Yorubaland abroad and rose to be the Pioneer President of Egbe Ọmọ Yoruba in Clare, Ireland, and Association for Nigerians in County Clare, Ireland. He has, through these capacities, promote Yoruba culture globally through various intiatives and programmes. Over years, he has been said to be sponsoring the education of indigent students in Oyo.

Despite his sojourn outside Africa, Abiodun maintains close touch with his roots by visiting Oyo frequently. This piece aims to discuss the chances, biography, historical development, educational background and acheivements of Prince Hakeem Abiodun Ladigbolu. He is a noble and competent man to take over the illustrious and quite demanding stool of Alaafin Oyo.

Prince Hakeem Ladigbolu is a learnered, a man of integrity with proven influences across the world. He is a noble son of the soil, even as he live an amount of his adult life abroad, he has maintained close relationship with the people, and in several capacities facilitated series of developmental projects for the development and progress of Oyo town and amd of course the entire Yoruba race.

Among the leading candidates, he is the most savvy owing to his relatively young age, – and in respect to others, he posits the most pragmatic and technocratic qualities to pilot the ancient town of Oyo, evident through the unqueried and undoubted capacity embedded in the Alaafin of Oyo stool.

Prince Hakeem Abiodun Adeyanju Ayinde Ladigbolu was born precisely 52years ago into the family of Late Prince Lasisi Sanda Akano and Ayomo Musili Adejoju Ejide LADIGBOLU of Abiola Compound Lagbondoko, Oyo.

He belongs to Agunloye Royal Family of Oyo and grew up in Oyo where he had the primary, secondary and partly tertiary at St. Marys Anglican Primary School, Iyalamu, Oyo; An-Sarudeen Grammar School, Opapa, Oyo and HSC at Olivet Baptist High School, Oyo (but did not complete the HSC because he got University admission) respectively. He proceeded to University of Lagos, Akoka in the year 1989/1990 where he bagged Bachelor of Arts Education (Hons.) (Yoruba).

He further relocated to Ireland when he got married to Mrs Muibat Omolara LADIGBOLU to struggle as a young man where he later bagged a Level 2 Certificate Grade C English (ESOL) at University of Cambridge ESOL Examination in 2004 and Certificate/Adaptation Course (History) from University College Cork, Ireland between 2005 to 2006.

It has been exciting and honourable sojourn being a Prince of Oyo because anywhere he goes or have cause to mention his name, people easily identify the royal source with him and this delivers him with so much credit and sense of humility. Very honestly, it has been demanding coming from a Royal Family, for the question of people’s expectations (especially while growing up) comes up, humbles you as a Prince at all times. However, to the glory of the Almighty, Prince Abiodun has always been charged, responsible, responsive, alert and available at all times his presence is needed.

Unequivocally, his passion and love for Oyo is immeasurable and unquantifiable. This is reflective of why he loves projecting his identity, associate with people of like minds, promote the Yoruba culture and fight for the right of Yoruba in general, Oyo in particular.

With God as his guide and guard, he has served in different capacities; Egbe Omo Yoruba and Nigerians Association in Co. Clare (Ireland). This affords him the opportunity to organize different traditional competitions such as Yoruba Literary and Debate for students, cultural dancing competitions and other activities annually, and host of others.

As well, in conjunction with some others, he renders charity to Nigerians, Yoruba in particular. For over a decade, he has made it a tradition to come home at least twice in a year, familiarizing himself with the people and his culture. As a philanthropic business man he is, he has been sponsoring some Oyo indigenes (students) education, paying for students enrollment in WAEC/NECO examinations. Beneficiaries of these are alive to bear witness, it is who the Prince is naturally.

As a matter of fact, Prince Hakeem Abiodun Adeyanju Ayinde Ladigbolu is a passionately motivated and charitable individual who is ready to assist and provide leadership with foresight, vision, enthusiasm and an unquenchable thirst to achieve success for the enrichment of Yoruba culture and sustainability of Oyo at large. His passion for traditional culture with the vision to include corporate strategy creation, devising innovative ideas and extensive personal demonstration of strong mastery of logistics planning, project management and team motivation puts him at edge.

These unique capabilities would be a major asset to moving Oyo to a greater height, and will enhance uplifting Yoruba cultural heritage more beyond Nigeria. Similarly, he is capable of bringing in experts in ensuring that Oyo kingdom is solidly in the front role as one of the movers in the Yorubaland.

He is happily married and blessed with beautiful children.


It is quite sacrosanct that the next Alaafin of Oyo serve as an embodiment of knowledge, both culture and western knowledge. He should possess vast knowledge of the culture and history considering the unprecedented level of knowledge the Late Alaafin Oba Lamidi Olayiwola displayed during his lifetime. Prince Hakeem Abiodun Adeyanju Ladigbolu, an achiever and thorough educationist, well culturistic, historian and knowledgeable leader have a hefty educational background to his name;

■ University College Cork, Ireland​​ 2005 — 2006
​■ University of Cambridge ESOL Examination​ 2004
​■ University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos​ 1990 — 1994
​■ Ansaru Deen Secondary Grammar School, Opapa​. 1980 — 1985
■ St. Mary Anglican Primary School, Iyalamu, Oyo​​. 1975 — 1980

□ Academic and Professional Qualifications with Dates:

■ Certificate/Adaptation Course (History) 2006
■ Level 2 Certificate Grade C English (ESOL)​​ 2004
■ Bachelor of Arts Education (Hons.) (Yoruba)​ 1994
■ West African School Certificate (OLevel)​ 1985
■ Primary School Leaving Certificate​ 1980


Prince Hakeem Abiodun Adeyanju Ayinde Ladigbolu is a leader by birth and nature. A man commanding natural leadership traits without much ado. An honest, loyal and diplomatic man who has held several leadership positions both in Nigeria and Ireland. He has championed several courses that see through rendering humanitarial services to his people.

Prince served Association of Nigerians, Ireland at various levels and he effortlessly worked for the progress and development of the association. He engages in several humanitarian services that sees through timely intervention and assistance in the integration of Nigerians and the Yorubas in the country.

Among the endless list of his experiences as a man in leadership roles are the following:

• Pioneer President, Egbe Omo Yoruba in Clare, Ireland​ – (2017 Till Date)
• Chairman Designate Board of Trustees, Association of Nigerian Community in
County Clare – ​(2022)
• Member, Board of Trustees, Association of Nigerian Community in County Clare
– ​(2019)
• Executive President, Association of Nigerian Community in County Clare (2015 — 2018).
• Public Relations Officer, Association of Nigerian. (2006 – 2014).


Prince Hakeem Ladigbolu achievements as a leader and an International Ambassador of the Yoruba culture is overwhelming and underappreciated. His achievements are huge and a couse of pride for the Yoruba race and it people.

As Pioneer president of the Egbe Omo Yoruba in Clare, Prince was an architect of a lot of projects that sought after development and comfortability of the Yoruba people in the state. He also extended the gesture in his capacity to his root (Oyo Town) by giving back to his people from the little God has given him, even while hustling and making his name in the far west of the world.

Of many of his achievements during his tenure as President of Nigerians Association in County Clare, Ireland are as follows:

1. Secure funding for procurement of musical equipment worth thousands of Euros, which still run till today.
2. Started Ankara festival to promote our cultural heritage and portray us in good image.
3. As a result of the above, the association was placed in the County’s Tourism Calendar for events happening in County Clare, Ireland for foreigners to attend.
4. During his tenure, the charity registration which had been revoked was reinstated because of the visible activities of the association.
5. In his term, the Youth Wing was launched to engage the children and young people in good work and take them away from societal pressures .
6. During his tenure, a book was written, produced and launched by the association in conjunction with Christian Brothers Primary School to portray good image Nigeria.
7. As President of Egbe Omo Yoruba in Clare, he introduced teaching of children Yoruba language and culture.
8. As well, he processed and brought a musician (Ayinla James, Adonai) to Ireland to play at one of the Ankara festivals in Ireland.

Right from the early days of his life, it is very easy to identify Prince Hakeem Ladigbolu as a true lover and promoter of peace, culture and religious tolerance which are considered as major and unbent criteria that must be possessed by the incoming Alaafin of Oyo.

He has made several statements before many audience at different gathering where he retierate his love for his people, culture and historical preservation of the Yoruba culture.

Being the most youngest in the race for Alaafin, energetic and most pragmatic and leadership enlightened among all, he stand a big chance of tolling an excellent path of the late Alaafin of Oyo, by emulating many of his traits and remarkable track records.

God Bless Oyo town !!!
God Bless Oyo state !!!
God Bless Nigeria !!!


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