Residents Celebrate as Government Completes Rehabilitation of Igboora-Igangan Road


Residents of Ibarapa Central and Ibarapa North are expressing positive reactions following the successful completion of the Igboora-Igangan-Iganna Road rehabilitation. The road, spanning 58km and connecting Ibarapa and Oke Ogun zones, underwent asphalt overlaying and patching, as approved by Governor Seyi Makinde in December 2022.

Quickborn Nigeria Limited, the contractor responsible for the project, conducted 16km of overlaying and patching in Ibarapa Central, while 42km were completed in Ibarapa North. During an inspection tour organized by the Digital Media Office of the Governor, residents were interviewed to gauge their responses to the recent development.

The overwhelming sentiment among motorists and tricyclists in the area, as shared with Westerndailynews, was appreciation towards Governor Makinde for fulfilling his promise of improving the road infrastructure. They also commended Quickborn Nigeria Limited for their commendable work. The rehabilitated road has brought about positive changes in numerous communities within Ibarapa Central and North local government areas.

Recognizing the road’s significance as it passes through major areas, road users traveling from Ogun state to the Oke-Ogun axis expressed satisfaction with the quality of work and anticipated a more seamless and stress-free journey. Alhaji Arigbabuwo, a block industry owner, praised the contractor for their attention to detail, mentioning that they even addressed drainage issues beyond the scope of the original agreement.

Prince Olumide Babayemi, another resident, highlighted the drastic improvement in safety and convenience since the road’s rehabilitation. Previously, the narrow road posed a significant risk, leading to fatal accidents. However, the completion of the project has brought relief, allowing people to move freely at any time of the day or night. Commuters now spend significantly less time on their journeys, with the travel time from Igbo-Ora to Igangan reduced from 1 hour and 40 minutes to approximately 40 minutes.

Farmers and bricklayers, such as Mr. Ayandiran Dare, expressed their delight at the transformation of the road. Previously, the road was in terrible condition, resulting in accidents and inconveniences. However, they now experience seamless and hassle-free movement, prompting them to express their gratitude to Governor Makinde for prioritizing this development.

Adebayo, a transport worker who frequently uses the road, extended his thanks to both the state and local government for the rehabilitation. He emphasized the improved ease of movement, especially during rainfall, and expressed hope for similar improvements in other areas that require attention.

The successful rehabilitation of the Igboora-Igangan-Iganna Road has brought immense relief and joy to the residents of Ibarapa Central and North, significantly enhancing connectivity and improving their daily lives.


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