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The Leaders Lecture, Okeogun Agenda And Plato’s Epistemic Theory Of Leadership (2) Isiaka Kehinde


It’s important to learn from the strengths of the leaders and avoid any of their weaknesses. I have heard quite a mouthful about the will power of Senator BAF and his good disposition to his constituents members, aside his humility and willingness to always seek knowledge.

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With his experience in the Senate, he ranks among few that have the starts of the Senate in their palms. In the Chambers, experience always separates “boys” from the “men”.

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This experience was a prime factor for the meteoric rise of Senator Bryd Carley in the US Senate. He was considered a walking library.

On September 1998, Senator Byrd delivered a leader’s lecture to the amazement and admiration of his colleagues in the Chambers. It was on America record that he delivered over 100 lectures on the history of the Senate. Anytime he had the floor, all paid a rapt attention. There used to be a Pindrop silence!.

Like Bryd, Senator BAF too has caught a niche for himself as a formidable force to reckon with in the Senate. But unlike Bryd that was elected without a degree, Senator BAF is armed with plethora of degrees and is still learning.


Talking of constituency upgrade, BAF is second to none. He has created thousands of job opportunities, built hospitals, sponsored capacity enhancement trainings for the people, facilitated several FG jobs, built solar and other modern infrastructures, bought a number of transformers, empowered his constituents with cash, cars, motorcycles etc These, he has done without asking “where are you from in Oyo North?

Whenever I think of Plato’s “best men should be in power theory”. Senator BAF who is very competent and is making his constituents proud springs to my mind.

Suprisingly, when I heard of some people pulling the stunt of Okeogun agenda recently, I asked myself if that’s what we should be dwelling on in this century? I am still wondering!

Peter Tosh’ s ” no matter wey you come from, as long as you’re a blackman.. No matter your Nationality, you’ve got the identity of an African…. keeps resurfacing into my mind .

Please do away with Sentiments, let s Senator BAF continue what he knows how to do best. A vote for him is for the progress .

Isiaka-kehinde writes in from Ibadan.

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