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Tinubu’ll Be Law-Abiding, Respect Federal Character As Nigeria’s President — Ladoja


The Osi Olubadan, Chief Rashidi Ladoja has described the former Governor of Lagos State from 1999-2007, Alhaji Ahmed Tinubu as the best man to take over the leadership of Nigeria come 2023.

He said this during an interview with newsmen, as he made reference to the exploits of Chief Tinubu as Governor of Lagos State and he reiterated that he can repeat such exploits as a President of Nigeria and that Nigeria needs such a visionary leader at this point.

While Speaking on his reason for supporting Tinubu for President, Ladoja said “Look at what he turned Lagos to but people are not talking about that. I have heard some people want Osibanjo and they have their right to support who they want but we should be looking at who will be the most competent to lead the country forward”.

” If it is coming to the South, all of us should be happy it is coming to the South. We can use this opportunity to choose someone who will help prevent the current security issues happening in the North from happening in the South”.

He further added ” we have a lot of problems in this country and I am sure the problems in the North are worse than those in the South. The only problem we are used to here is the Farmer-Herder conflict and the government’s mismanagement of these conflicts has caused the country to be on the verge of a civil war.


” They say those creating these problems are not from Nigeria but they spread from the Gambia and Cameroon. This is why we are asking whether the Federal Government is not complicit on this issue as there is free movement in the South, particularly in the South-West and the borders in the North are all open, those in the South are not except the Seme border”.

Ladoja, while stressing his points, said “People who are running about for 2023, it is not clear what they are looking for. The North wants Osibanjo to be the President while they are rejecting Tinubu. Why should it be the people of the North that are rooting for the Vice President? Do they see in him somebody they can use? He has not indicated that he wants to run.

” Tinubu might not have indicated that he wants to run but his contributions to the enthronement of the man there now and it is expected that Bola will want to give it a shot this time “.

When asked about the ability of Tinubu to effect unity in the Nation he said “When Tinubu was the Governor of Lagos he used less than N1 billion to develop Lagos to what it is today and he is someone who respects Federal Character and can help us stop what we are complaining now which is marginalization.

He retorted ” Why should all the instruments of coercion be in the hands of people from one entire group? See the ex- NPA Managing Director Hadiza Usman who went from Nasir-el- Rufai’s PA to being an NPA Managing Director, what was her qualifications for being in that post? All these issues can be handled by Tinubu because he knows how to balance interests where need be”.