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Top Aids of Gov Makinde Are Aiding Insecurity In Oyo State— Amotekun Boss.

The Commander of Oyo State Security Network Agency also known as Amotekun, Col. Olayinka Olayanju, (retd), have revealed that top aids of the governor have been over time aiding the civil unrest in several areas of oyo state.

The Amotekun commander disclosed this on Tuesday while fielding questions on a radio station, Fresh FM in Ibadan.

It is no a new that in recent time, the security architecture of oyo state have been hugely punctured by counts of violent attack that have put residence in a state of mental chaos and constant fear for fear of being attacked.

Just about five day into 2021, attacks have been recording in about five places in the state spreading across all geo-political zones.

Olayanju said some senior aides of the governor have in the past pleaded that the agency should free suspected hoodlums arrested in connection with civil disturbances in some parts of the state capital.

He however, failed to accede to every pressure mounted upon him to mention the names of the governor’s aides, who pestered him to release the arrested suspects.

He said, “Some people would come to plead that we should release those arrested. We arrested some in (Ibadan) North-East less than a week ago and one SA ( Special Adviser) was running around begging us. He came and met me around NTA and I told him that we have handed them over to the police at Yemetu. I won’t mention the name. He is SA to the governor, some are chairmen, some are lawmakers who seek such a favour.”
When asked whether the governor’s aides were behind the unrest in the state capital, the Amotekun commander replied, “That is what we are saying.”

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