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UI Responds to Fuel Subsidy Removal: Staff to Work 3 Days In A Week 

In response to the economic difficulties faced by Nigerians following the removal of fuel subsidy, the University of Ibadan (UI) has directed its staff to work for three days a week. This temporary work schedule adjustment, which will take effect from Monday, August 14, 2023, aims to alleviate the financial burden on employees who have to commute to work daily.

The decision was made after careful consideration by the University Management, and it was approved by the Senate at its meeting on August 3, 2023. The adjustment applies to all staff members, except those on essential duties. The management also assured that the arrangement will be reviewed as the situation improves.


In a statement posted on the institution’s website, the Registrar and Secretary to Council, G. O. Saliu, urged all Deans, Directors, Heads of Departments, and Units to cooperate and ensure a smooth implementation of the intervention. Additionally, staff members were encouraged to maintain commitment, open communication, and cooperation to ensure a seamless workflow.


The Statement on the institution’s website reads;

The astronomical increase in the fuel pump price occasioned by the removal of subsidy by the Federal Government has imposed huge economic difficulties on the generality of Nigerians. Salary earners who have to commute to work every working day are faced with an aggravation of the condition, given the attendant hike in the transport fare and cost of living.


After a careful consideration of the situation, the University Management recommended a temporary work schedule adjustment for members of staff, which Senate at its meeting of Thursday, 03 August, 2023 considered and approved. Accordingly, members of staff are now expected to work on site for three (3) days in rotation per week, with effect from Monday, 14 August, 2023. It should, however, be noted that those on essential duties are exempted from this adjustment.


It should be further noted that Management will review the arrangement as the situation improves. Meanwhile, members of staff are to maintain commitment, open communication and cooperation towards ensuring a free workflow, including working from home where and when necessary.

In light of the foregoing, Management seeks the understanding of all Deans, Directors, Heads of Departments and Units towards a smooth implementation of the intervention.

Thank you.


Registrar and Secretary to Council

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