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UI VC RACE: Olayinka’s Desperation To Impose Successor, Was Because He Left Vault Empty—Prof Dasylva

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VC Race: UI Don, Dasyvla Alleges Olayinka Of Leaving ‘Vault’ Empty

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A former Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Professor Demola Dasylva, has alleged that the immediate past Vice Chancellor of the institution, Idowu Olayinka is desperate to impose a successor because he left the ‘vault empty.’

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Dasylva, made the allegation, in a statement made exclusively available Akéde Ọ̀yọ́, while reacting to a recent allegation by Olayinka that petitions by some individuals, including Dasylva, contributed to the cancellation of the selection process.

“Yes, there are petitions and there are petitions, but when a petition is proved to be non-flippant, and contained pieces of evidence of deliberate manipulation and brazen compromise of the VC selection process; or that the Chairman of Council blatantly usurped the functions of the Council, etc., for unjustifiable reason, then the Minister was right to take the steps he took,” he said.

While noting that it is one thing to talk of Autonomy of the University, he maintained that it is another thing for the University to prove its maturity in handling matters such as appointment of its VC very maturely. “In the case of UI and a number of other universities with similar crisis over VCs appointment, our universities do not seem to be sufficiently mature to manage the Autonomy. Well, the Government in the case of UI was right to have intervened, and the Minister has done that which is right.”

Speaking further, he noted that from the look of things, it does not look as if UI has learnt any lesson yet because “the cabal is still rearing its ugly head, and lately has now resorted to blackmail by name dropping.”

“When I wrote my petition under reference and complained about pre-election dirty activities and show of shame of some folks including the immediate past VC, in their desperation to get Prof. Adebowale (DVC, Adm.) appointed by all crooked means, it was based on concrete facts and proven evidence!

“The election that followed was predictably foredetermined. I challenge them to prove me wrong! When a lie is repeated several times it has the tendency of assuming to look like a truth, unfortunately a lie remains a lie no matter under what guise. The process was brazenly compromised and the Council Chairman and some folks in the Council complicated the matter for their failure to show quality leadership and sense of direction!

“We cannot blame the Minister either, nor the government nor the politicians, UI by the misconduct of its management, Council and Senate messed itself up, and the consequences should be swallowed in shame!

” Now we know why the desperation to impose à candidate on UI when there are 18 chances from which UI could get the very best among the candidates if a level playing ground has been allowed! The UI vault was empty by the time the immediate VC left office, now it is becoming clear to reason why the desperation to cover up!”


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