What Makes BSA The ” il Magnifico ” To Represent Oyo South Senatorial District In 2023 .


Like the first prime minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Young, who was in a hurry to fix the leakages and rebuild the country from rubble to an eye up , Barrister Sharafadeen Alli is set to work assiduously to fill the gaps, if voted in as a Senator to represent Oyo South.

In a radio programme monitored in Ibadan this morning, BSA as he is fondly called, was asked “why he thinks he is eminently qualified and capable for the job”.. Barrister Alli as a positive thinker who believes in positivity combined with possibility maintained that “he is the most efficient candidate for the job” .

As a Local Government chairman in 1991 who has been adding more beautiful feathers to his political caps ,BSA believes that “in politics experience counts.”

On why he abandoned the Gubernatorial ambition that he was pursuing before, the Senatorial hopeful stressed that he listened to the voices of his people asking him to contest for Senate to make the task of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as presidential hopeful a easy cruise in making enabling legislation in the areas which includes: restructuring, devolution of power for true federalism etc.

More importantly, He said since it’s the wish of his people to go for Senate ,like Mark Crowell ,BSA believes in his people and at all times hearken to them because ” its the man behind that makes the man ahead”

To have torness of past experience is one thing the capacity and competence to use them to suit modern time is another. Three things however count to BSA advantage- past experience, training as eminently qualified lawyer and the Zeal to make a difference.

Barrister Sharafadeen Alli during the program narrated how he functioned meritoriously in his past offices and his numerous achievements while serving.

In order to show that he has the maps of his district on his palms, he states the major needs of each areas one by one , like State police, Local Government Autonomy, Agriculture, lights to boost foreign investment, health, education etc and how he will address all collectively given the opportunity to serve.

The load of past experiences and capacity to sing what Keats calls ” a new tune yet unheard ” makes BSA what Italians refer as ” il magnifico ” combination of “magnus” which means magnificent and facere ( ability to do ).

Definitely, voting for BSA is inviting a new development to Oyo South Senatorial District, and the good populace will not muff the chance in 2023.



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