Why Ibadan North Constituency ll Should Rally Round Hon. Adebayo Babajide’s Experience/Achievements Than Experimenting Uncertainty


Legislation they say ‘is the process of making or enacting laws’ this assertion alone will not work with the political system we practice in Nigeria, reasons many State Honorables, Federal Honorables and Senators have embacked on various empowerment, orientation programs, schemes, training to ameliorate the surfering of the common man.

Hon Adebayo Babajide is adjudge to be one of the best performing Honorables in the Oyo State house of Assemble, this is no thanks to the many developmental milestones he has achieved in Over three years as the honorable member representing the good people of Ibadan North Constituency ll.

This is a man who once told his story to the world about how he use to sell bread on the streets, untill he ends up having a stand at UI Agbowo junction, those periods help shape the life of the now Ibadan North prodigy, he has grown from strength to Strength reasons he has been able to understand almost all the areas his constituents needs inputs and made timely response to most of them, if not all.

Recall that the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic took a turn on our Economy, it was a time all meaningful sons and daughters who are well doing, give back to their immediate community, as an elected representative who knows where the shoes hurts his people, Babajide took a bold step, to campaign and sensitize his people across all wards, aside from providing all the necessary COVID-19 must use materials at the time. He also doll out food Palliatives to ameliorate the hardship his people were going through at that time, Cash gift were also given to others according to their immediate needs.

Hon. Adebayo Babajide for a record third time has embacked on 10million Naira End of the Year Cash gift to his Constituency, this was done to help many families join in the celebration at their various homes, beneficiaries louds this guesture every year, claiming that he has in the last 3 years been the reason they have something to eat both on Christmas day and New year.

It’s also on record that Hon. Adebayo Babajide has done empowerment program for a record 3rd time in a row while improving on the previous years, the last which was done at the popular Trans-Amusement Park is still fresh in the memories of many, it was well attended by Politicians, party Leaders, Members, Constituents, where he distributed goods and cash Worth Millions. Among Items share to his constituents are Tricycle, Bikes, Deep Freezers, Sewing Machines, Hair dryers, Generators, 5m Cash Gifts.

An empowerment with over 250 equipments, such as: Tricycle, 15 Bikes, 25 Deep Freezers, 25 Sewing Machines, 25 Hair dryers, 30 Generators, 3 Shoe Making Machine, 32 Fans, 36 Gas Cylinder, 25 Industrial Cooking Burners, 20 hand dryers, 15 hair Makers Equipment and Over 5million Cash Gift, at a time the country is going through a lot economically, Those moments in the heart of all beneficiaries will lingers a lifetime.

Hon. Adebayo Babajide has provided employment opportunities as the honorable Member to over 50 person’s in his constituency, facilitates many other jobs, he’s the only honorable Member with the highest number of aide’s aside Mr Speaker, all on his payroll, one should ask who is bankrolling him.

The Jagaban of the 9th assembly as he his fondly call has paid millions as hospital bills, offsetting bills for for many of his constituents, various degrees of help he has rendered to his people, I’ve witnessed many times he borrowed money to offset bills for people, ranging from house rent, emergency needs, School fees and many others.

As a lover of education he purchased over 150 Jamb forms annually for students in his constituency, WAEC forms are not left out, His foundation ‘ Adebayo Babajide Gabriel (ABG) give out over 98 scholarships of various degrees from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. all of this are backed with evidence.

As a honorable Member representing the good people of Ibadan North Constituency ll, Adebayo Babajide Gabriel with the passion and zeal to deliver on his campaign promises kick start almost immediately after their Swearing-in, having noted most of the major urgent areas his constituents need urgent attention, He started drilling of 3 boreholes in 3 major Areas and ended up with a total of 21 functioning Boreholes in the following communities: Patako Community Alaro Ward 8, UCH Community Ward 10, Agbowo Community Ward 12, Polytechnic Ibadan ward 11, Powa sango ward 11,Darlington street mokola ward 9, Farayola bodija ward 12, Transformer agbowo ward 12, Abadina community ward 11, Obasa mokola ward 10, Ajibade behind GTB ward 7, Aba aporin agbowo ward 12, Ijokodo agbaje junction ward 8, Okoro ward 8, Oba akinbiyi school ori oke Mokola ward 9, Shade eleja area ward 9 all fully renovated.

In Sport Hon. Adebayo Babajide was one of the major Sponsor of the Oyo state talent hunt football competition that was held at the lekan salami Stadium, with coaches from West Bromwich Albion.

As the chairman House committee on human right, Hon Babajide has actively participated in human right activities, fighting for the rights of the girl child, women against domestic violence, donating various material items to aid and assist girl child. it will go down in history that Hon. Adebayo Babajide Gabriel (The Jagaban of the 9th Assembly) is one of the major contributors on the floor of the house, his boldness to rise against burning issues when needed has won him many accolades, too numerous to mention.

In his bid to compliment the light-up Oyo Project by the administration of His Excellency Engr Seyi Makinde, Hon. Adebayo Babajide has install over 3000 Solar lights across his Constituency, some of the notable areas include—10 Lights at okoro ward 8, 5 Lights at barika ward 12,10 lights at isopako bodija ward 12, 6 solar lights at ojurin sango ward 7, 4 solar lights at oke itunu ward 7, 5 solar lights at obasa ward 10, 5 solar lights at agbole hausa ward 8, 5 solar lights sango market ward 8, 4 solar lights at gbaremu market ward 8, 5 solar lights at samonda ward 11, 1 solar light at front of Alhaji hummel house ward 12, 4 solar lights at gbaremu market side 2 ward 8, 5 solar lights at 30/30 bodija market ward 12, 5 solar lights at ori odo kara bodija ward 12, 5 solar lights at ogo oluwa mosque street ward 12, 4 solar lights ojokondo area water ward 12, 5 solar lights at ajetumbi street ward 12, 5 solar lights at akinfala street Agbowo ward 12

If out of 32 honorable Members of the Oyo State house of Assemble, Hon. Babajide can be single out as one of the best performing Honorable, then the question should be, why the debate on his second term re-election bid? Babajide has the most visible, viable and has the most audible projects enough to re-elect him, it will be a dent on the people of Ibadan North Constituency ll, returning Hon. Adebayo Babajide on a 2.0 ticket to the 10th Oyo State house assembly will be a plus to Ibadan North Constituents, i can say it’s a battle long won for the shining Star of Ibadan North.

Party leaders, stakeholders, members, constituents from ward 7-12 should rather rally round an illustrious son who has proven himself, He won’t tell you what he can’t do, he’s blunt, he has a listening ear, an achiever not a clout chaser, a prodigy not an opportunist waiting to eat where they did not sow.

Adebayo Babajide Gabriel came, saw and has conquered everything for his constituency, he has led by example, admitting the need for further improvement, I Urge all Stakeholders to rally support for a tested and trusted prodigy, It can only get better with Adebayo Babajide Gabriel.

YSO Writes From Ward 11 Ibadan North LG


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