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‘Why Makinde Bought Nomination Forms For Us’


An aspirant for Ibadan North-East/South-East Federal Constituency of Oyo State, Ibrahim Ajiboye, said yesterday that Governor Seyi Makinde purchased Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) nomination forms for aspirants who could not afford them.

He said there were credible and trustworthy individuals who could not afford to buy nomination forms to contest elections, hence there was need for the governor to support them.

Reactions have been trailing Makinde’s decision to buy two Senatorial, 11 House of Representatives and 16 House of Assembly PDP forms for aspirants. He purchased the forms last week.


Ajiboye, speaking at the official declaration of his intention to contest Ibadan North-East/South-East Federal Constituency seat, said the governor bought the forms to support credible candidates who might not have the money to buy the forms.

He said: “It is the beauty of democracy. We have ways of conducting elections in Nigeria. One of such ways is consensus. If the party decides to honour the right candidate with the ticket, fine. I mean the people who have over the years mingled with the people.

“Taking myself as example; but not those who have come to dole out money to the people. I have been with my people since I lost in August 2019. It is not because I am rich, but because there is need for my people to know me and myself to know them. It is also for them to have confidence in me. Therefore, my antecedents should speak for me.

I praise Governor Makinde for recognising credible aspirants and purchasing forms for them.”