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Yoruba Nation Needs a President Like President Talon of Benin Republic — Sunday Igboho


Yoruba nation agitator, Chief Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho has said that if Yorubas are successful in their quest for a Yoruba nation, they should endeavour to get a president like President Patrice Talon of Benin Republic, at the helm of the affairs of the nation

The Yoruba nation agitator said this on Thursday evening during a meeting with his legal team and Yoruba leaders that secured his release in Cotonou, Benin Republic.

His words: “If we get Yoruba nation today, I’ll be the first to support anyone who would govern like President Talon of Benin Republic.

“Everyone working with him are brilliant minds. No old men amongst them. Before Talon became president, a lot of civil servants will not go to work and keep on getting their salaries, he cancelled all that. Free education for all. Teachers do not embark on strike because they get paid as and when due. Doctors do not go on strike. Better health care service. Can people like that think about dividing the nation? They can’t.

“I was in the prison when I heard that Fulani herdsmen invaded one of the towns here in Benin Republic. None of the herdsmen escaped. The security operatives captured all the herdsmen and brought them to the prison. They were more than 70 in number. Their security here is so strong. If we had such in Nigeria, we would not be angry and clamouring for a division. In Nigeria, there is no security, no job, no infrastructure, nothing!

“And if you complain and criticise the government, they will kill you. What crime did I commit for the Nigerian government to send the DSS to my house”, he lamented.


Sunday Igboho further urged Yorubas nationwide and in diaspora to appreciate the President of Benin Republic for taking good care of him during his stay in the prison and for ensuring that he was not extradited to Nigeria.

“I want all Yorubas to appreciate President Talon on my behalf because what most people do not understand is that the Nigerian government tried all their best to extradite me but President Talon refused to allow them take me from here. If this happened under the previous administration here in Benin Republic, those corrupt people would have left me to the lions in Nigeria to eat me up.

“I congratulate the citizens of Benin Republic. You have a good president. You are indeed fortunate. Please work hand in hand with him for the progress of your country. If you guys had the kind of government that we are crying against, you would have seen hell.

“In the next 4 years, Benin Republic’s economy would be very competitive and you would see people coming in to work in this country. Benin Republic is gradually becoming a small London.

“Talon’s action after my arrest showed that he loves justice and he values human life.

“I had the best care in the prison. The best medical doctors in Benin Republic were at my beck and call. They took good care of me.

“If we get Yoruba nation, we need a president like President Talon of Benin Republic”, he stated.