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You Resorted Into Blackmailing Since Your Activism Appeared Failed – Makinde’s CPS Replies Deji Adeyanju

The Chief Press Secretary to Oyo State Governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, has reacted to the mischievous comments attributed to a popular social media Activist, Deji Adeyanju, who had recently claimed the governor is not doing enough on issue of insecurity in the state.

Reacting through a social media post on Sunday, Adisa stated that Adeyanju has resorted into blackmailing business since real activism appeared to have failed him.

Adisa challenged Adeyanju to direct his attention to the Federal Government, whose penchant for borrowing foreign loans has almost turned Nigeria to a beggar nation.

He asked the said activist to call out President Muhammadu Buhari on the security woes in the country and the humongous national debt profile as well as the ills that have bedevilled the nation, ranging from kidnapping, banditry and farmers/herdsmen clashes, instead of attacking Governor Makinde, who he said, is doing everything humanly possible to stem the tide of insecurity in the state.

Adisa said: “When activism fails, blackmail takes over. You search for easy targets. You want to wonder why Adeyanju has to turn his focus on Oyo State? He said Makinde has borrowed N100bn and claimed that money can turn Oyo to Eldorado.

“How come the trillions President Buhari has borrowed has not turned Nigeria to heaven on earth?

“He won’t face Buhari, whose government has practically turned Nigeria’s Naira to a worthless paper. He won’t face the Federal Government, the real culprit on our security woes because that is a sure way to return to DSS gulag.

“He won’t see the over 200 kilometres of roads being built in Oyo State. Adeyanju is blind to the over 250km of light-up Oyo State project targeted at defeating insecurity and enhancing night life.

“Equally, He is blind to over 600 schools built, the free education policy and over N14bn of pension arrears cleared plus another 351 primary health care centres, the junction improvement projects, the bus terminals and all. This is a bad tactics to extort, failed strategy!”

Adeyanju had, last week, in a post on his Facebook timeline attacked Governor Makinde, for allegedly delivering little in the state.

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